8 Best RCA cables for car audio - 2020

8 Best RCA cables for car audio

8 Best RCA cables for car audio – Full Review

Maybe the sound you’re getting in your car is just not what you anticipated but the audio system appears to be like nice. So what may very well be the issue? Most in all probability, the cables that got here with the car audio would possibly have to be swapped with higher RCA cables. Also, you would possibly wish to add an amplifier or subwoofer to your car for better music experience. If that is the case, then you might have to spend money on new RCA cables. Basically, RCA cables are used to hold indicators from the car audio participant to the amp or subwoofer or from a car amp to the subwoofer and so forth. Now that the market is filled with several types of RCA cables, how would you recognize the best kind to decide on? Well, we’ve bought you lined. With this review, we’ve gathered the best RCA cables for car audio, thereby making it simpler so that you can select. Read on for the best offers.


Top 8 Best RCA Cables Comparison Table

RCA Cable Type of Connection Price
RCA cables for car audio

Better Cables RCA Cables [Overall best]

RCA to RCA Check Price On Amazon
RCA cables for car audio

Rockford Fosgate Twisted Pair

RCA to RCA Check Price On Amazon
RCA cables for car audio

Hosa CMP-159 [Budget Friendly]

3.5mm to RCA Check Price On Amazon
RCA cables for car audio

Mediabridge 3.5mm

3.5mm to RCA Check Price On Amazon
RCA cables for car audio

Audioquest Evergreen

3.5mm to RCA Check Price On Amazon
RCA cables for car audio

KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

RCA to RCA Check Price On Amazon
RCA cables for car audio


RCA to RCA Check Price On Amazon
RCA cables for car audio

UGREEN 3.5mm

3.5mm to RCA Check Price On Amazon

How We Chose the Best RCA Cables for Use in Car Audio

Considering the truth that there’re dozens of RCA cables available in the market, it turns into difficult to decide on the best kind to your car audio. We are conscious of this problem and that’s why we have now provided you with this review. We selected the best RCA cables to be used in car audio upon doing intensive analysis. We gathered reviews from specialists coping with RCA cables for car music methods. We additionally reviewed findings from the present analysis achieved on completely different RCA cables. In addition, we interviewed an excellent variety of actual customers to seek out out the RCA cables they discover best of their automobiles. From our thorough analysis and the reviews we gathered, we have been capable of providing you with a listing of the 8 best RCA cables you’ll ever discover for car audio. The merchandise reviewed listed here are solely included on the idea of information from specialists, present analysis and actual customers. Thus, from this review, you’ll relaxation assured that you simply you are investing within the best product.

1. Better Cables RCA Cables Overall Best

RCA cables for car audio

Better Cables boast of being a singular hybrid RCA cable produced from a mix of each silver and copper. The hybrid delivers extra environment-friendly conductivity and lowered resistance. With little question, this distinctive hybrid makes Better Cables function on this review. The hybrid eliminates the challenges related to pure copper or silver RCA cables.

Features and Benefits of Better RCA Cables

  • Incredible silver coating: Better Cables are specifically coated with pure silver fairly than copper. Pure silver is understood to be a greater conductor than copper, thus the silver coating delivers higher conductivity of car audio indicators
  • Highly versatile: Better Cables are designed to be very versatile such that they bend simply without harm to the cables and the cabled cowl. Their flexibility ensures that you would be able to simply bend the cable over or around any impediment whereas connecting them between car audio elements.
  • Low capacitance: In addition, one other notable function of Better Cables is that they’re designed with low capacitance. Lower capacitance in RCA cables signifies that the cable is much less more likely to pick stray sign, thus it solely delivers authentic indicators, thereby making the unique sound extra noticeable.
  • Stranded conductors: Most noteworthy is that Better Cables include stranded conductors. The stranded conductors within the RCA cables comprise of many skinny cables with the intention of accelerating flexibility and floor space of conductivity and lowering resistance.
  • Braided shielding: In addition, one other nice function that comes with Better Cables RCA Cables is that they’ve 95 p.c braided shielding. The shielding surrounds the cable to restrict possibilities of indicators from escaping, thereby delivering high-quality indicators.
  • High flexibility
  • Very low capacitance
  • Stranded conductors
  • Suitable for multichannel software
  • Quality insulation
  • High worth range
  • Stranded cabling could trigger some digital interference
  • The silver coating could get oxidized with time

Our Verdict: If you actually need an RCA cable to your car audio with high conductivity and minimal resistance, then it’s best to add Best Cables RCA Cables in your shortlist. However, be able to pay extra for its high-quality features.

Why not take a look at this wonderful Better Cables on amazon earlier than it runs out of inventory

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2. Rockford Fosgate Twisted Pair

RCA cables for car audio

Rockford Fosgate is among the main producers of car audio elements. The producer is just not left behind in the case of RCA cables. The Rockford Fosgate Twisted Pair is excellent for delivering an extremely clear audio sign. It’s designed to reduce noise in an audio sign, thereby delivering high-quality sound.

Features and Benefits of Rockford Fosgate Twisted Pair

  • Split pin: This prolonged RCA cable comes with a break up middle kind of pin. The pin acts as a fastener that holds the cable securely in place and will be bent for fastening round objects akin to screws.
  • The copper that is freed from oxygen: This RCA cable is made with oxygen-free kind of copper. The primary advantage of this sort of copper is that it resists corrosion and enhances the conductivity of low-frequency indicators.
  • Platinum-plated cable ends: The ends of the Rockford Fosgate RCA cable are plated with platinum. The advantage of platinum plating is that it makes the ends more durable, thereby making them much less susceptible to scratching, rusting and different such floor damages.
  • Frosted shielding: Rockford Fosgate cable comes with frosted outer shielding. The shielding reduces noise whereas nonetheless permitting for flexibility and enhancing the durability of the cable.
  • Twisted pair wiring: This RCA cable is designed as a twisted pair cable and this comes with additional advantages. Twisted pair cable is efficient in lowering electromagnetic radiation, interference and crosstalk between the cables, thereby delivering nice sound.
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Small ends
  • No noise
  • Incredible size
  • Needs extra insulation
  • Not ultimate for intently positioned car audio system setup
  • Twisted pair is fragile if pulled too tightly

Our Verdict: The Rockford Fosgate Twisted Pair is right for anybody who needs a prolonged RCA cable that delivers high-quality sound without the problems of noise. However, the cable is just too prolonged for car audio setup the place the amp or speakers are intently set collectively.

Looking for a prolonged RCA cable? Then check out the Rockford Fosgate Twisted from the button under and revel in its advantages.

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3. Hosa CMP-159 – Best Budget

RCA cables for car audio

Hosa CMP-159 RCA cable is designed for high quality and affordability. It’s truly one of the available and inexpensive RCA cables without a compromise on the standard of sound it delivers. It’s built with arduous work and high-quality, but inexpensive materials. Regardless of its affordability, it delivers high-quality audio indicators.

Features and Benefits of Hosa CMP-159

  • Connectivity to cell units: One of probably the most noteworthy features concerning the Hosa CMP-159 RCA cable is its means to hook up with cell units. This RCA cable is specifically designed for connectivity to cell units’ audio output to an audio mixer.
  • Nickel-plated connectors: This RCA cable comes with plugs which can be specifically plated with nickel. Nickel plating ensures that their durability is enhanced whereas permitting for environment-friendly conductivity of audio indicators.
  • Copper conductors which can be freed from oxygen: This cable consists of copper conductors which have been handled to make sure they’re oxygen-free. The key goal of this type of therapy is to make sure the RCA cables are extra environment friendly at conducting audio indicators.
  • Bends simply: This RCA cable has a really sturdy construct but it bends simply. Despite having a sturdy construct, the cable is just not stiff such that it bends simply around corners and objects.
  • Very inexpensive: This RCA cable outshines many different choices in the case of affordability. It’s extraordinarily inexpensive for its high quality.
  • Connectivity to cell units
  • Very inexpensive
  • Long-lasting when dealt with fastidiously
  • No noise when the cable is secure
  • Great construct
  • Prone to tear in high site visitors areas
  • Requires extra care when dealing with
  • Some static noise when transferring the cable

Our Verdict: The Hosa CMP-159 RCA cable is right for anybody in search of a top-quality, but extraordinarily inexpensive car audio RCA cable. However, it calls for extra care when dealing with and isn’t ultimate to be used in high site visitors areas.

Grab this extremely inexpensive Hosa CMP-159 RCA cable on Amazon whereas shares final.

Check Price On Amazon

4. Mediabridge 3.5mm

RCA cables for car audio


Mediabridge 3.5mm is a single-male to two-male RCA adapter that’s specifically designed to attach cell units to a car audio system. It’s truly one of the many best RCA cables for car audio that you would be able to ever discover. With this RCA cable, you may join your portable system to your car audio receiver, amplifier or speakers. Thus, you may simply carry your cell music to your car with this RCA cable.

Features and Benefits of Mediabridge 3.5mm Cables

  • Step-down kind of design: This RCA cable is specifically built to have a step-down form of design. The goal of this design is to make sure the plugs are connected to each your cell music system and the car audio system firmly.
  • Dual shielding: The Mediabridge 3.5mm is built with twin shielding in contrast to most RCA cables which have only a single shielding. Dual shielding makes the RCA cable much less susceptible to electromagnetic interference from exterior power sources, thereby delivering a clear sign.
  • Polished metallic connectors: The RCA cable has specifically polished jack connectors. Polished connectors are much less susceptible to corrosion and provide them a shiny, enticing ending.
  • Gold-plated connectors: This RCA cable comes with 3.5mm gold plated jacks. Gold plating eliminates the problem of oxidation, thereby making the cable much less susceptible to corrosion.
  • Flexible jacket: Mediabridge 3.5mm RCA cable is extraordinarily sturdy, but it has a really versatile jacket. The versatile jacket makes it straightforward to cross the cable by tight areas without harm to the conductors and shielding.
  • High contact jack connectivity
  • Connectivity to cell units
  • Very inexpensive
  • Flexible jacket
  • Polished connectors
  • The tight connectors require cautious unplugging to keep away from damaging the cable
  • Restricted to solely male to male connections
  • Limited to units with 3.5mm jack

Our Verdict: Mediabridge 3.5mm RCA cable is right for anybody who needs to carry their cell system music to their car and revel in tight connections. However, keep in mind that this cable can solely get a sign from a 3.5mm jack.

Why not get this inexpensive Mediabridge 3.5mm on amazon instantly and be a part of different car homeowners having fun with its a number of advantages.

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5. Audioquest Evergreen

RCA cables for car audio

The Audioquest Evergreen RCA cable has not been left behind by competing manufacturers. This RCA cable stands out base a particular kind of air-filled insulation to maintain the conductors protected against dropping indicators. This form of shielding additionally ensures that the audio indicators will not be affected by exterior power sources.

Features and Benefits of Audioquest Evergreen

  • Polyethylene foam insulation: The two, strong copper conductors of this RCA cable are insulated with a polyethylene foam. The foam is full of air whose goal is to make sure the conductors are insulated towards absorbing exterior power akin to electromagnetic power and radio frequencies.
  • Long grain and strong copper wire: Audioquest Evergreen RCA cable is specifically designed with long grain and strong copper wire. This kind of copper comes with fewer oxides than customary copper, is much less impure and has fewer grain boundaries, thereby enhancing its conductivity.
  • Connectivity to cell units: The cable comes with a male 3.5mm jack and two male RCA outputs for car stereo speakers or amp. You can merely plug within the 3.5mm jack to any cell units that has a 3.5mm audio port akin to a cell phone, laptop or music participant.
  • Gold plated connectors: This 3.5mm to RCA cable comes with gold plated plugs which can be chilly welded. Gold is hardly susceptible to oxidation such that the plugs are much less susceptible to corrosion whereas chilly welding creates easy and powerful joints.
  • Metallic noise dissipation: The Audioquest Evergreen RCA cable features a noise dissipation system manufactured from a metallic layer. This form of noise dissipation approach retains exterior radio frequencies away such that the cable delivers a sign free from noise.
  • Its worth range is nice for its features
  • Connectivity to cell units
  • The cable appears to be like nice and delivers high-quality sound
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • The jack and plugs deliver a superior connection
  • Fits too tightly and never ultimate for extreme plugging and unplugging
  • Comes with a single entry that’s solely usable for 3.5mm jack cell units
  • The jack could not go throughout some extraordinarily thick telephone protecting circumstances

Our Verdict: The Audioquest Evergreen RCA cable is right for anybody who needs to eliminate the issue of noise in decrease high-quality cables. It’s specifically designed for high-quality sound however its tight match is just not ultimate for frequent plugging and unplugging.

Why not take a look at extra evaluations for the Audioquest Evergreen RCA cable on amazon and get it instantly!

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6. KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

RCA cables for car audio

KabelDirekt RCA cable stands out as a two-channel cable that delivers high-quality audio sign for the fitting and left audio channels. It’s ultimate for connecting indicators from any car audio receiver to the speakers or amplifier. Moreover, it’s designed for affordability.

Features and Benefits of KabelDirekt RCA Cable

  • Double shielded conductors: The KabelDirekt RCA cable is built with copper conductors which can be double shielded. Double shielding enhances the power of the cable to maintain off electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, thereby delivering a cleaner sign.
  • Oxygen-free copper: The core conductor of this cable contains specifically handled, oxygen-free copper. This kind of copper has the power to switch low-frequency audio indicators and permits for extra conductivity than customary copper.
  • Two male to 2 male plugs: This RCA cable comes with two male plugs on both ends. The profit is that the cable is bidirectional such that you would be able to join it both strategy to any customary output that has the left and proper outputs.
  • Gold plated plugs: The cable comes with high high quality, gold plated plugs. Gold plating provides safety to the connectors such that they’re much less prone to corrosion.
  • Available in six sizes: With this model, you may select between six completely different sizes as wanted, together with 3, 6, 10, 15, 20 and 25 ft. This manner, you may select the size that matches your car audio system setup.
  • The RCA cable is accessible in six completely different sizes
  • It’s very inexpensive
  • The connectors have a high-grade metallic casing
  • The jacket may be very versatile
  • The Connectors are marked for simpler connectivity
  • Cannot connect with cell units
  • May slip off simply in high site visitors areas
  • The colour marking is simply on one facet and never simply seen in boring lighting

Our Verdict: If you’re trying to find a top-quality, but inexpensive RCA cable that may join your car audio receiver or stereo to a speaker or amp, then it’s best to add the KabelDirekt RCA cable in your shortlist. However, the connectors could slip off simply in high site visitors areas however are perfect for plugging out and in usually without any subject.

Need an extremely inexpensive but high-performance RCA cable? Then take a look at the KabelDirekt RCA cable proper on amazon whereas inventory lasts.

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7. AmazonFundamentals

RCA cables for car audio

AmazonFundamentals RCA cable is built to attach both high or low frequencies. For occasion, you need to use it to hook up with a low-frequency car subwoofer or a high frequency car stereo. Since it comes with two male to 2 male connectors, it’s ultimate for any HiFi car stereo with both left or proper channels.

Features and Benefits

  • Gold plated plugs: This cable features metallic gold plated plugs. Gold plating permits for enhanced resistance to corrosion since it’s arduous to oxidize a gold plated floor.
  • Coloured plugs: The connectors are marked in pink and white colour on both ends. The advantage of the coloured markings on the connectors is to permit for simple and applicable connection.
  • Specially shielded: AmazonFundamentals RCA cable is shielded appropriately. The shielding eliminates noise within the sign, thereby permitting for transmission of clear audio.
  • Accepts each low and high-frequency indicators: The cable connects to low frequency type of audio indicators akin to a car subwoofer and high frequency akin to the digital car stereo.
  • The connectors match into RCA ports good
  • Very inexpensive
  • Coloured connectors
  • No distortion of sound
  • Very sturdy
  • Only accessible as Eight ft, which can be brief for some speaker setup
  • Looks comparatively bulky
  • May not slot in extraordinarily tight spots as a consequence of its thickness

Our Verdict: Car homeowners in search of an RCA cable that may connect with each low and high frequencies ought to think about the AmazonFundamentals RCA cable. It suits good into RCA ports however could not slot in extraordinarily tight spots.

Why not go to amazon for an incredible deal on AmazonFundamentals RCA cable and revel in its advantages.

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8. UGREEN 3.5mm

RCA cables for car audio

Ugreen 3.5mm is specifically built to attach cell units with 3.5mm jack help akin to tablets, cell phones, music gamers and laptops to a car audio participant. You merely join the Ugreen 3.5mm jack to your portable system and join the RCA connectors into your car audio receiver or amplifier.

Key Highlights and Benefits of UGREEN 3.5mm

  • Gold plated plugs: Ugreen 3.5mm comes with one gold plated 3.5mm jack and two gold plated RCA connectors. Gold plating enhances their durability whereas nonetheless making the plugs much less susceptible to problems with corrosion.
  • Oxygen-free conductors: The cable is built with oxygen-free copper conductors. This kind of copper permits for enhanced conductivity.
  • Connectivity to cell units: This cable comes with a 3.5mm jack which connects to cell units with 3.5mm audio port. The profit is that you’ll be able to play music out of your cell units to your car audio.
  • Slim 3.5mm jack: The Ugreen RCA cable comes with a slim 3.5mm jack. Its slim nature permits for easy connection even with cell units which have thick safety covers.
  • Soft jacket: The outer cowl of this cable is manufactured from a mushy PVC cowl. Its mushy nature makes it versatile whereas nonetheless defending the cable from harm.
  • Connectivity to cell units
  • Easily suits into cell units with protecting covers
  • Great audio high quality
  • Comes with a one 12 months guarantee
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • May put on out if twisted consistently
  • Not ultimate for extreme transferring
  • May shrink when utilized in extraordinarily chilly setting

Our Verdict: If you have got tried different 3.5mm to RCA cables and failed to suit well in your cell system, then it’s best to strive Ugreen 3.55mm to RCA cable. It suits snugly into any cell system even when it has a thick protecting cowl. However, it might get broken sooner if moved or twisted consistently.

Why look any additional if you happen to want an inexpensive 3.5mm to RCA cable? Grab this Ugreen 3.5mm from the button under.

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Things to contemplate earlier than shopping for the Best RCA Cables for car audio

Choosing the best RCA cables to your car audio is just not a sophisticated course of. It’s fairly easy if you recognize what to search for within the cables. There are 5 key factors you’ll want to contemplate when selecting the best kind available in the market. Here, your key concern needs to be about making certain that no noise is launched in your audio system upon putting in the RCA cables. Here’re are key factors it’s best to think about when making your choice:

1. Type of Shielding Used

Generally, RCA cables encompass a conductor that carries indicators from one car audio system to a different. You will likely be utilizing the cable alongside different digital elements and wires in your car. This signifies that the sign carried within the RCA cables can even run alongside different indicators or electrical power passing by other wires. Such exterior indicators can intrude with the audio sign carried in your car audio RCA cable such that the delivered sign could also be distorted or noisy. To stop this from occurring, the RCA cable ought to have efficient shielding.

Thus, it’s best to think about selecting a cable that’s shielded towards noise and electromagnetic interferences. The shielding must also defend the cable from exterior radio frequencies.In case the shielding used is extraordinarily skinny, your sign will endure some loss in power or acquire exterior noise. Thus, think about a cable with thicker shielding, or higher double shielding. Avoid slicing corners in the case of shielding.

2. The Sturdiness of Connectors

Both sides of RCA cables have connectors. Some have one male 3.5mm jack pin to 2 RCA and others have two male to 2 male RCA. Whichever connector configuration you need, it’s best to think about connectors which can be sturdy sufficient to last more. Thicker RCA connectors are extra ultimate for they offer a good connection for a car head unit or cell system to the car amplifier or subwoofer.

When evaluating completely different RCA cables, think about those that are likely to have thicker connectors for they might give higher contact than thinner ones. Thinner connectors are likely to loosen up and lose contact. Tighter contact permits for higher conductivity, thereby the standard of sign delivered is increased. Also, a tighter connection reduces noise on the level of contact.

3. Type of Conductor Used

Different manufacturers of RCA cables use completely different requirements and kinds of conductors. However, most RCA cables are made utilizing copper because the core conductor. Copper is extra appropriate for transferring audio indicators. Nevertheless, copper is available in completely different requirements. Some RCA cables use copper in its customary kind whereas others use specifically handled copper or copper combined with different metals akin to silver. Specially handled copper, akin to copper which is freed from oxygen, proves to be a greater conductor than customary copper. Thus, think about RCA cables with specifically handled copper conductors for enhanced conductivity.

4. Cost of the RCA Cable

It’s clearly good to contemplate the price of RCA cables earlier than making a purchase order. However, by no means compromise the high quality of the cable over price. You ought to not likely overpay, however the price ought to match with the standard of the cable. Always go for a car audio RCA cable with the very best high quality even when it means including some few {dollars}. Thus, as you weigh your finances, think about the standard of what you’re investing in to get the best deal.

5. Length of the RCA Cable

RCA cables for car audio come in several lengths. The cable you select ought to have ample size primarily based in your car audio system and speaker setup. Thus, earlier than selecting an RCA cable, decide how far your car amp or subwoofer is from the audio receiver.

Final Verdict

Upon studying by this review, it’s clear that each RCA cable for car audio reviewed right here comes with its personal distinctive features. While some features are widespread between completely different RCA cables, every cable comes with an excellent function. Also, these cables include a number of advantages and a few shortcomings. Thus, each RCA cable reviewed right here is worthy sufficient for consideration in your shortlist.

If you want a cable to attach your cell system to your car audio, there’re nice decisions listed right here. Also, if you happen to want an RCA cable to attach your car audio to the car amp, you’ll additionally discover nice decisions right here. Most noteworthy, your choice needs to be primarily based on the general high quality of the cable by contemplating factors akin to the kind of shielding, kind of conductor, price, size and sturdiness of the connectors. With the following pointers in thoughts, you’ll relax assured of getting the best RCA cables for car audio on, all at nice costs.

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