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Best Subwoofer Brands

Best Subwoofer Brands – – 2024Updated


Let’s speak about our real-life expertise earlier than we talk about best subwoofer manufacturers. What will we do earlier than we purchase one thing? In actual life, each time we have to purchase one thing we go to the expertise individuals to get a review and suggestion as a result of by born nobody needs to be a failure! It’s a useful technique for getting day by day necessities, however, once we want one thing’s uncommon like a car subwoofer, we hardly discover somebody to offer us recommendations or sensible expertise. When we fail to get any recommendations or expertise from our nearest individuals offline, we transfer ahead to on-line to get one thing useful for us.

Best Car Subwoofer For The Money

I’m sure you’re looking for online recommendations for top vehicle subwoofer manufacturers as you read through my stupid sentences after scanning the title. I’m not sure if you bought a subwoofer online or just came here, but one thing I can assure you is that you’re not in the wrong spot. You might be considering purchasing a car subwoofer for the first time.

It’s also feasible that you’ll need to upgrade your subwoofer and go for an industry-leading one. Whatever you require, I am here to inform you about the best subwoofer manufacturers and their product lines that entice you to dance to the beat of your favourite music.

Best Subwoofer Brands Reviews

Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer

Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer

Mr. Jim Fostage is the person behind the muse of Rockford Fosgate who’s well-identified for the invention of the car amplifier. After inventing the amplifier Jim Footage needed to precise his love and look after sound-producing speaker, subwoofer, and different sounding supplies. While the world was fighting actually dangerous fashions and sneakers that have been method too high, Jim, working in his storage to invent one thing for car audio system, lastly he invented an amplifier and the amplifier launched a new dimension to the whole sound system.

The Rockford Fosgate believes that the constant theme isn’t just music or expertise however the clever use of expertise and circuit design facilitates the listener to get pleasure from environment-friendly and obsessive music. The Rockford Fosgate is enthusiastic about producing trendy and impactful subwoofers. Currently, they’re producing Prime, Punch, and Power sequence subwoofers with the intention to deliver the best match subwoofer for the cars or vans audio system. Rockford Fosgate’s subwoofers push the envelope by delivering sturdy bass, permitting the amplifier and speakers to work effectively and produce a clear and crispy sound in-car stereo system. Just a few particulars about Rockford Fosgate subwoofer sequence Prime, Punch, and Power

A. Prime subwoofer

Prime subwoofers are the main class’s subwoofers of the producer that are able to rock and are the proper entry into high-performance car audio.

B. Punch subwoofer

Punch subwoofers are normal class’s subwoofer which is built on custom and is dedicated to supplying deep and strong bass in your car stereo system.

C. Power Subwoofer

Power subwoofers elevate the bar of car stereo system with high power dealing with and window-rattling bass. Power subwoofers are the crown class subwoofers of Rockford Fosgate.

2. JL Subwoofer

Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 JL SubwooferUnder the supreme commentary of Mr Lucio Proni JL audio firm has begun its journey, who’s the co-founder, CEO and chief engineer of JL audio firm restricted. When the founder and CEO turn into the chief-engineer of the manufacturing then the standard product is grunted. JL Audio is an unbiased, privately-held United States primarily based firm; they’re lively within the Home, Mobile, Power sports activities, and Marine Audio markets. The manufactures of JL give attention to producing superior high quality, distinctive engineering and top-performance subwoofer, Car speaker, amplifier, and different audio merchandise for his or her prospects across the globe. Among all JL’s audio merchandise the JL subwoofer system presents a large range of exactly engineered and assembled subwoofer designs.

From the small CP106LG-W3v3 to the massive H.O subwoofer systems, the manufacturers offer a system to fit every customer’s budget, performance requirements, and vehicle installation space. Why would you choose a different subwoofer when our well-engineered subwoofers can provide you with the sound you require? said JL Audio’s CEO. Here is a list of JL’s dynamic subwoofer approaches, where one system differs significantly from another in terms of bass and sound fidelity.

  • Pro Wedge system.
  • H.O. Wedge system.
  • Power Wedge+ system.
  • Power Wedge system.
  • Micro Subsystem.
  • Bass Wedge system.
  • Discontinued system.

The staff of JL subwoofer have eager curiosity and affection to music, they at all times attempt to manufacture up to date subwoofer that may entertain the listener as they need.

3. Alpine Subwoofer

Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 Alpine SubwooferThe audio giants Alpine focuses on producing cell multimedia, safety, and navigation merchandise for cell leisure, and built-in system strategy incorporating digital leisure. Alpine is the industry-leading audio producer of high-performance speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and so forth. Alpine has been doing their best to reply to the calls for the patron and automakers for top-quality, competitively priced merchandise. The firm makes use of the most recent expertise in pursuit of brilliance in the sound copy.

From the small CP106LG-W3v3 to the massive H.O subwoofer systems, the manufacturers offer a system to fit every customer’s budget, performance requirements, and vehicle installation space. Why would you choose a different subwoofer when our well-engineered subwoofers can provide you with the sound you require? said JL Audio’s CEO. Here is a list of JL’s dynamic subwoofer approaches, where one system differs significantly from another in terms of bass and sound fidelity.

  • Type-X Subwoofers
  • Type-R Subwoofers
  • Type-S Subwoofers
  • SWT Subwoofers
  • W Subwoofers
  • Re-loaded Subwoofers

Among these classes, Alpine SWR-12 D 4 Type-R 12-Inches is one in every one of the best-selling subwoofers of alpine. The subwoofer has the capability to rattle each part of the automobile. Here each class carries its personal specialty to match completely with client demand that makes is the top subwoofer model in the sound’s world.

4. Kicker Subwoofer

Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 Kicker Subwoofer

KICKER’s Living Loud history began in 1973 as a two-man operation hand-building professional audio systems with little resources and a strong passion for music. Kicker audio producer’s founder and current president is Steve Irby. He pioneered the mobile-stereo enclosure business and also created the Kicker. It was the first full-range speaker made exclusively for vans and automobiles. Kicker later expanded its product line to include subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, powered subs, loaded enclosures, amplified controllers, sign processors, and other items.

Kicker makes some incredible high-end subwoofers, but you’ll have to pay a premium for them. In addition, the kicker produces a mid- and first-range subwoofer. Here is the complete list of subwoofers produced by Kicker.

  • L7
  • compQ
  • Solo-Baric L7s
  • CompVX
  • CompR
  • CompRT
  • CompVR
  • CompVT
  • CompC
  • Comp

L7 and CompQ are the top-of-the-line subwoofers among these styles. These subwoofers will allow you to experience every element of the bass. The Solo-Baric L7s, CompVT, and CompVX are mid-range subwoofers with outstanding power handling capability and ideal safety for extended enjoyment. The Comp, CompC, CompR, CompRT, and CompVR subwoofers are main range subwoofers that cost around $100.

This Subwoofer will satisfy your desire best in the price range because to its decent mounting depth, good frequency range, and loud bass. Comp and CompC are two of the main range subwoofers that were released in 2019.

5. MTX subwoofer

MTX subwoofer Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 MTX Audio is the result of strong imaginative and prescient, clever management, and extreme dedication of Mr Loyd Ivey who’s the founder and CEO of the MTX audio producer. MTX began their journey in 1971 from rural storage later it grew to become one of many USA’s largest producers of car audio, marine audio, private and residential audio merchandise. Since the institution, MTX has been working to innovate one thing new, one thing thrilling for its customers. MTX innovation began with the invention of the first cell audio enclosure in 1984.

Over the 40 years, MTX has been manufacturing essentially the most glorious car subwoofers on this planet. MTX is the house of outrageous RFL, Black Gold, the T9500, Blue Thunder, Eliminator, and lately launched Thunder sequence subwoofers. MTX sequence of subwoofers By this time MTX is producing these fashions of the subwoofer

  • Thunder Series Subwoofer
  • JackHammer TremendousWoofer
  • 95 Series Subwoofers
  • 75 Series Subwoofers
  • S65 Series Subwoofers
  • Flat Piston Shallow Mount Subwoofers
  • 55 Series Subwoofers
  • 35 Series Subwoofers
  • Terminator Subwoofers

Thunder Series subwoofers are the most recent of these styles, and they feature the unique Inverted APEX Surround design to deliver more SPL from any subwoofer measurement with less distortion, resulting in good sound.

For 15 years, the monster MTX 95 sequence subwoofers have pushed SPL competitions to new heights with an output that no other car subwoofer could match. The S65 is yet another powerful subwoofer that produces powerful sound with more floor area and increased x-max, as well as extreme SPL for true bass fans. If you enjoy bass, I recommend the MTX model because it is the greatest for deep bass.

6. Pioneer Subwoofers

Pioneer Subwoofers Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 Pioneer was founded in 1983 by Nozomu Matsumoto to categorise the depth and love of music with innovation. Pioneer began its adventure with the tagline “Move the heart, touch the soul,” and has since grown to become one of the greatest vehicle audio models on the planet. The success of the pioneers is due to the Research and Development division.

The division is constantly working to develop cutting-edge knowledge in response to client demand for speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and other audio devices. The Pioneer subwoofer is a good choice for audiophiles because to its high efficiency and innovative design. Pioneer produces subwoofers in six different classes.

  • Champion sequence
  • Champion sequence professional
  • Shallow Mount
  • Powered subwoofer
  • subwoofer by measurement
  • Enclosures & Grilles

Among these classes, the champion sequence professional is a newly designed subwoofer sequence, which his built to supply loud sound and highly effective bass withstanding as much as 2000 watts of the most power and 600 watts of continuous musical power. The powered subwoofer sequence Increases bass response with an all-in-one resolution. The subwoofers are designed with ultra-modern HVT expertise that produces true, highly effective, and wide-range bass, however, you must spend an intensive quantity to benefit from the royalty.

7. Polk Audio

polk audio Subwoofer

With the invention and appearance of Hi-fidelity sound systems in 1972, the model of listening to music was altered. Polk audio’s substantial audio is an unbelievable labour and enthusiastic reward for music enthusiasts. Since then, Matt Polk and his rock ‘n roll team have been working tirelessly to improve the system so that it may be accessed with the highest level of skill. Individuals have been given access to the company’s vision.

They haven’t strayed from their vision of “looking for new solutions in high-fidelity sound.” For many years, the durable and well-engineered speakers have been performing well. Polk Audio has done an excellent job of improving home theatre sound experience for everyone from novices to seasoned home theatre enthusiasts.

However, if you require a custom home theatre setup, think about it. They imagined everyone listening to the best music through the best sound system. Polk Audio also looks after the ears of people from all walks of life. They’ve covered the ins and outs of the sound listening instrument, allowing you to complete your need in one place. Here’s a list of speakers that you’ll need to get the most out of your music in a big and long way.

Deep down you realize it’s true that deeper bass enhances the standard of the sound. Hence, Subwoofers play extra real looking and extra important bass effects to the sound system. The subwoofers Polk Audio invented to offer dazzling expertise are:

  • Premium subwoofers with Pro Technology
  • DSW Pro Series Subwoofers
  • PSW Pro Series Subwoofers

Over the 40 years, Polk audio works with magnificence and integrity with a core-hearted staff enthusiastic about music. They design the sound system in a real strategy to convey again your everlasting music love again.

Final Words About Subwoofer Brands

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos quoted that “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room” Here there’s neither Nozomu Matsumoto nor Mr. Lucio Proni, nonetheless we’re conversing about their Pioneer and JL audio firm! I believe it’s the sensible instance of Jeff Bezos’s quote. Finally, a Brand doesn’t construct in a day, it wants a lot of devotion when it comes to producing high quality and efficiency, and these 6 manufacturers already proved it from their respective place, that’s why they acquired a place in my quick checklist of best subwoofer manufacturers.

Our Expert Reviews on Best Subwoofer For Car

We all enjoy music, especially while we’re on the road or driving second. It makes no difference whether the music is jazz, rock, or instrumental. Music’s bids might make us feel happy, even exuberant, depending on the song we’ve chosen. I am concerned about the car audio system because music can help to reduce fatigue in heavy site visits or act as a best friend on a lengthy drive. But, with Grief-stricken, I must notify you that many low and medium-range automobiles do not come with an in-built good sound system. So, what are you going to do with a vehicle like that? So don’t be concerned.

Because now I’ll talk about best car subwoofers evaluations and can inform you how one can make your common degree car right into a dance ground. Perhaps, you already well-known about different subwoofers however to simplify the definition, I may say, a subwoofer is a gear that produces bass to the music system by offering low frequency. So, you can also make your sound profound and full through the use of subwoofers. But preserve it in thoughts, a subwoofer works with an amplifier. Without an amplifier, you can’t count on higher sound high quality through the use of subwoofers.

Sound Storm LOPRO8 Car Subwoofer

Highlighted Features

  • Remote control to regulate volume or change soundtrack without touching the system
  • MOSFET PWM power provide for high-end and highly effective sound
  • Variable Bass control to regulate treble and Bass sound
  • Selectable section with overload and safety circuits
  • Three years guarantee with the fast and dependable response and repair
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Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 Updated

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Top Features

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8 Powered Under Seat Car Subwoofer - 600 Watts Max, Single 2.6 Ohm, Voice Coil, Built in Amp, Low Profile, Remote Subwoofer Control
  • BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER: With a MOSFET power supply you get improved switching speeds, better performance with less power from the driver, lower gate-to-drain feedback capacitance, lower thermal impedance for higher switching frequencies
  • VARIABLE LOW-PASS FILTER: A low-pass filter is an electronic circuit that removes all the notes below the filter's frequency setting. You will use the Low-pass filter to primarily keep high notes out of your subwoofer(s)
  • HIGH LEVEL INPUTS: Speaker level inputs are commonly referred to as high-level inputs. It will be used to connect the LOPRO8 to your factory radio or an aftermarket radio that does not have low-level (RCA) inputs
  • LOW LEVEL INPUTS: Line level inputs, also known as RCA inputs or low-level inputs, use RCA interconnect cables to link the LOPRO8 with the source unit. Most aftermarket radios have multiple pairs of RCA outputs that can connect to multiple amplifiers
  • VARIABLE BASS BOOST: Variable Bass Boost allows you to adjust the low bass within the boost range to just the way you like it

Sound Storm is a fantastic low-profile subwoofer for tight spaces. It makes no concessions in terms of sound quality or efficiency. Furthermore, the system includes an integrated amplifier that eliminates the need for an external amplifier. It may sound louder than if a separate speaker was utilised with the external amp for this purpose.

However, if the speaker fails to progress due to short-circuiting or machine failure, the automated cut-off safety saves the amplifier. Low-level relies on pre-amp alerts to deliver standard factory supply items, but high-level requires speaker output alerts. As a result, the sound is pure and enjoyable. You can also control the frequencies of the optimum subwoofer for the automobile thanks to the built-in variable low-pass filter. Now, if you want to change the bass, you can use the unique variable Bass Boost to change the low bass or anything you want.

In addition, a built-in subsonic filter limits low frequencies to protect the subwoofer. Metallic oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors are used in the Sound Storm LOPRO8 to ensure high efficiency output. It allows for a quick transition from full to non-conduction mode. Furthermore, you will be able to switch the speaker portion of the subwoofer by manually controlling the section. The subwoofer sound system is powered by a maximum MOSFET power of 600 watts. So. It can make sound in any volume you require.

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer


Highlighted Features

  • Stitched tinsel results in enhanced efficiency and reliability
  • Works for each vented and sealed enclosures
  • Diamond minimize solid aluminum trim ring with elective grille
  • Built-in CEA-2031 loudspeaker power dealing with
  • Frequency response 38-250 Hz with 2 Ohms twin impedance
  • 1-year substantial guarantee for fast and dependable service




Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020 Updated

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Top Features

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8" Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer
  • The Rockford Fosgate P3S series shallow mount subwoofers deliver Punch, designed to deliver big bass in a tight space, with its low profile mounting depth design
  • The Punch P3SD2-8 is a slim 8” 2-Ohm DVC (dual voice coil) subwoofer with 150 Watts RMS / 300 Watts Max power handling and custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals
  • Featuring anodized aluminum cones and dustcaps, with a unique spider venting design to keep the motor cooler and a new hybrid stamp-cast basket providing super strength while minimizing weight and resonance
  • Optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures {Sealed (Vb): 0.25 cu. ft. (7.0 Liters) / Vented (Vb): 0.75 cu. ft. (21.2 Liters) / Mounting Depth: 2.66 in. (67.5 mm) / Cutout Diameter: 7.13 in. (181.0 mm)}
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty

As all autos should not identical to help deep subwoofer, Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-Eight shallow punch in-depth. The shallow mount subwoofer features 150 watts ROMS power dealing with as well as 2-Ohm voice cuts for wiring flexibility. So, the perfection of permitting each utility akin to REAL Bass and Dual voice coil makes Rockford P3SD2 the Best Car Subwoofer Under 100. The subwoofer is specifically designed for the Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) to deliver floor space of the cone without putting in points. Therefore, they’ll enhance 25% extra radiating cone space by adhering to the basket. Moreover, the speakers deliver the most output and nominal effectivity. And what’s extra? The speaker conforms to the built-in CEA-2031 loudspeaker power dealing with {industry} requirements.

For this purpose, you’ll be able to believe the subwoofer for security deal with. It lets you keep a steady power ranking. Also, if you wish to match the subwoofer with an amplifier, power dealing with is crucial to correct the match. Or even higher, Rockford Fosgate can aviate the warmth from the voice coil a lot exactly through the use of the anodized aluminum voice coil former. So, why the separation is crucial? No fear, you’ll be clear right here now. The subwoofer could fail to carry out when the adhesive bonds soften. It can occur if the recent voice coil produces a lot of warmth. To forestall the adhesive bonds from softening, the aluminum voice coil former works as a heat-sink to make the voice coil cooling.

Rockford Fosgate P2D4 Peak Subwoofer


Highlighted Features

  • Installing VAST to growing 25% more practical radiating cone space s efficiency
  • Protective PVC textured magnet cowl with Kevlar fiber bolstered paper cone
  • Powered 500 watts most power dealing with for clean operating
  • Flex Fit Basket for slight adjustment throughout mounting
  • 2.25-inch copper-clad aluminum voice coil


Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020

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Since the beginning of the corporate, Rockford Fosgate has set the usual for excellence and high-performance for the audio industry. From the cell audio market to the OEM market, the Rockford Corporation distributes top-notch high quality to make sure the best expertise to the customers. Hence, Fosgate P2D4 is the brand new invention to deliver immense publicity to the audiophiles. Like Fosgate P3SD2, Rockford Fosgate P2D4 additionally makes use of diamond minimize anodized aluminum solid voice coil former. The formers present superior warmth dissipation. As the anodized aluminum acts as a heat-sink, it consumes warmth to make the voice coil cool as quickly as doable. So, the subwoofers stay cool even throughout the high SPL conditions. To top it off the stitched tinsel results in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the best subwoofer.

As the stitched lead reduces the mass of the tinsel lead, it spreads the stress and pressure to the upper space. Thus, the wire method prevents the extreme responsibility cycle as well as high present and fatigue. And one other factor is the Flex-Fit Basket. The basket body comes with slots as a substitute for single crew sized holes. The grooves assist to mount the subwoofer with a slight adjustment. Moreover, just like the Fosgate P3SD2, the built-in CEA-2031 maintains the power dealing with under steady demand. By dealing with the power, it saves the voice coils from being broken by surprising increased power.

Top Features

Rockford Fosgate P2D4-12 Punch P2 DVC 4 Ohm 12-Inch 400 Watts RMS 800 Watts Peak Subwoofer Black
  • Rockford Fosgate has always been known as "The PUNCH" and the P2 car subwoofer series certainly continues with the tradition
  • The Punch P2D4-12 is a 12” 4-Ohm DVC (dual voice coil) subwoofer with 400 Watts RMS / 800 Watts Max power handling and custom 10-AWG nickel plated push terminals
  • Featuring a kevlar fiber reinforced paper cone that deliver bass impact you can feel, and our proprietary spider plateau venting design provides cooling of the voice coil to increase the woofer life
  • Best used in standard sealed or vented enclosures {Sealed (Vb): 1.02 cu. ft. (28.8 Liters) / Vented (Vb): 1.79 cu. ft. (50.6 Liters) / Mounting Depth: 6.40 in. (162 mm) / Cutout Diameter: 11.22 in. (285 mm)
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty

Pioneer Ts-W3003d4 Champion Series Pro Subwoofer


Highlighted Features

  • Dual 4-ohm voice coils for high-end efficiency
  • Sealed or ported enclosure to suit any sound system
  • Response to 20 Hz to 150 Hz frequencies
  • Large measurement magnet contained in the 12-inch subwoofer
  • 60 days money-back warranty with 1-year fast response guarantee


Best Subwoofer Brands - 2020


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Top Features

Pioneer TS-WX1010A 10” Sealed enclosure active subwoofer with built-in amplifier
  • 1 100 watts Max power (300 watts nom )
  • Built with high bandwidth high output and low distortion 300-watt class D amplifier
  • Size 10" cone

Pioneers Champion sequence presents the flexibility of twin 4-ohm voice coils for chest-pounding efficiency. The rugged development subwoofer allows works in a ported or sealed enclosure which makes it suit your system, no matter which system you employ. Moreover, the sturdy supplies utilized in development can deal with as much as 600 watts without creating an issue. No matter which sort of music you throw at it to pay attention, the champion professional subwoofer will deliver you the precise sound you need to pay attention to. It contents your expectation of whole sounds combining bass thunder, drums, and a total range of tunes. By the best way, the Pioneer Champion Pro Pioneer TS W3003D4 will present each the appropriate bass as well as the whole sound of high quality. Beyond that, the best price range car subwoofer presents from 20 HZ frequencies to 150 Hz for the utmost. Here, keep in mind that a sealed field will blow your thoughts with full bass. But don’t get me improper.

A ported or Bandcamp-version-produced sound high quality won’t match the standard of a sealed field. Moreover, the inflexible and durable aluminum basket ensures durability for audio {hardware}. Though the magnet contained in the sub appears fairly giant, it fully matches the 12-inch subwoofer. The heavy-duty development and design assist to supply extra exact and cleaner bass as well as louder sound. However, you want a dedicated amplifier alongside along with your Pioneer TS W3003D4 for high-power output. As the pioneer subwoofer helps 100-600 watts, your amplifier should match to the watts.

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D


Highlighted Features

  • The package consists of a distinctive inverted Apex Surround Design to deliver superior sound
  • Involved 12-inch subwoofer with a vented closure
  • Constructed of the sturdy polypropylene materials to make sure durability
  • Enabled to dealing with most 1200 watts RMS power
  • Stylish and traditional look to suit any respectable car


612BMtSPv5wL. AC SL1500

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Top Features

No products found.

If you desire a clear reverberation in your car which is enriched with bass enhancement, MTX Audio Terminator Series could be the picked one. The TNE212D is strategically mounted in an enclosed place. It additionally has the power to supply high-quality sound by equalizing the sound output by synchronizing with the bass. Besides, the enclosure can keep the air stress out if there’s any distortion of the rubber or damage in the intervening time. Nothing like the rest, MTX Audio enclosure system can deal with as much as 1200 watts power system. It’s not solely large but additionally harmful to be dealt with. As the speaker is a mix of a number of subwoofers, it might control the power. Every subwoofer absorbs as much as 250 watts of RMS power. Hence, dealing with 1200 watts just isn’t a posh one thing for the large MTX Audio TNE212D subwoofer.

Moreover, the whole sound system produces a high volume bass degree with dependable responsiveness. Made of fabulous polypropylene materials and withstood with a number of abrasion and stress degree, MTX Audio subwoofer ensures the long-lasting of the speakers. The high tensile power of the supplies prevents the speaker from being torn. Moreover, they’re portable to hold round wherever due to its light-weight. And you might be good to go together with the traditional look of the large speaker. It comes with the trendy and up to date model which seems to be traditional and stylish.

6. Dual Electronics BP1204 Illuminite Car Subwoofers


Highlighted Features

  • Crafted and distinctive designed subwoofers for producing correct bass
  • 2.5-inch voice coils for environment-friendly output as well as low sounding bass
  • Enable to deal with as much as 1100 watts whereas 600 watts RMS
  • 4-ohm impedance and 30 Hz to 200 Hz frequency range
  • Top grade in-line carpet to get rid of motion enclosures
  • I-year hassle-free elements and labor guarantee with fast and dependable service


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Top Features

No products found.

Dual Electronics BP1204 illumiNITE is a high-performance studio enclosed subwoofer. It is specifically engineered for producing the pleasing sound of your thoughts. It can reckon as much as 1100 watts of peak power without creating the issue. To enhance the output effectivity of the subwoofer in a decreased bass, 2.5-inch Voice Coils comes with the specialized design of the subwoofer. Moreover, the mix of 600 watts and 4-ohm impedance suffices the audio fans for a long time. The Dual Electronics subwoofer has built-in brushed aluminum injection-molded woofer cones that deliver the large quantity of bass. The bandpass enclosure ensures correct bass response for top-notch sound. So, it might produce responses to 30 Hz to 200 Hz for an unequaled sound superiority which pleases your thoughts. Once you’ve cracked it, you’ll discover top-grade in-line carpet contained in the strategic design.

It eliminates the enclosure motion on the street to producing streamlined sound high quality. On the opposite hand, the crafted and specialized tune port of the subwoofer comes with computer-aided design. It integrates 2.5-inch voice coils together with brush aluminum cones to generate low sounding bass. Think about the best way of listening to your favorite music throughout driving a car. The illumiNITE subwoofer is made for the street forward with high efficiency to make your journey pleasant. The built-in crossover of the subwoofer can simply join with the vehicles. Moreover, it’s worth utilizing completely different setups to satisfy your wants.


Rockford Fosgate P300 12-Inch Subwoofer

Highlighted Features

  • 12-inch built-in subwoofer for high efficiency
  • Compatible with low bass to supply highly effective sound
  • LED mild to guard against any undesirable conditions
  • Frequency response for minimal 35 Hz to most 150 Hz

Best Subwoofer Brands

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Top Features

No products found.


Rockford Fosgate P300 is a 12-inch subwoofer so as to add some bass to your journey to make it pleasant? Are you anxious about a suitable amplifier and enclosure? No fear. The P300 model subwoofer for the car will assist you to keep away from all complexities of putting in and establishing the elements. The highly effective effect of the enclosure provides high-end efficiency to your favorite tracks. Though the Fosgate P300 doesn’t add the bass too rapidly to the sound system, it produces extremely high-quality bass. The subwoofer mechanically provides the sound system of the car which isn’t additionally delayed. But the output of the sound is spectacular sufficient to make your journey memorable and most significantly, tired-removal if music can refresh you. You could marvel at why I discuss in regards to security. Safety is one thing distinctive to watch out about in each facet of life. And using just isn’t a particular a part of the dwelling. If the subwoofer isn’t secure sufficiently, it might destroy your journey as well as your life. So, what stuns me of the subwoofer?

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The amplifier will mechanically cease if something undesirable occurs. Moreover, the Rockford Fosgate P300 comes with safety from overvoltage, quick circuit, and thermal overload. A built-in LED signifies the secured and harmful power. If the power is as much as suitable, an inexperienced mild powers on. On the opposite hand, it exhibits a pink mild when it feels a quick circuit or overload condition. As the system is specifically designed to work with low bass solely, you’ll be able to bypass the built-in system. So, the low-pass crossover can respond solely from 35 Hz to 150 Hz at most. The adjustable amplifier produces sturdy and highly effective sound by way of the bass is low. It’s one of many best car subwoofer under 200.

KICKER 11HS8 Hideaway Powered Subwoofer


Highlighted Features

  • Compact and award-winning design
  • 150 watts RMS powered amplifier
  • Tiny measurement to suit any compact and tight area
  • 8-inch subwoofer contained in the sound system

Best Subwoofer Brands

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Top Features

Kicker Hideaway Powered Enclosure HS8 - Used Acceptable
  • 8" Powered Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Ultra-compact powered subwoofer system designed for tight locations
  • Just over three inches high
  • 8-inch internal subwoofer
  • 150-watt RMS power amplifier

If you might be in search of a compact powered subwoofer, Kicker 11HS8 is right here to satisfy your necessities. It is the best compact powered subwoofer which gained the International Consumer Electronics Show Award. It comes with a tiny enclosure that inserts an inadequate area akin to under the seats the place you’ll be able to arrange different subwoofers. Though the cupboard is small, it nonetheless could make evening and day distinction for producing sound. KICKER 11HS8 8-inch Hideaway subwoofer has the 8-inch subwoofer for the inner amplifier. The amplifier is powered by 150 watts. Also, the package deal features a remote control bass knob that can assist you to control the sound, bass, and treble without leaving your house.

So, what makes the subwoofer particular? Imagine a second of upgrading your sound system without compromising cupboard space. Yes, Kicker 11HS8 matches exactly to satisfy your sound degree demand in a compact area. From the subwoofer, it’s possible you’ll not earth-shattering bass however a nice and pleasant bass which consents your thoughts along with your favorite music. If you might be in search of the best car subwoofer under 300, It will probably be the best possibility for you.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer for CAR


Highlighted Features

  • 6¾ inch lively enclosure low profile subwoofer system
  • The package features a remote control system
  • Compatible with 50-125 Hz variable low move filter
  • Response to 35 Hz to 125 Hz frequency range
  • Built-in 150 watts MOSFET power provide

Best Subwoofer Brands

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Top Features

No products found.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 compact subwoofer seems smaller to suit under the seats of the automobile and different compact area. If you need spectacular bass without compromising high quality, it’s the one you might be in search of. Like a giant subwoofer, Kenwood compact powered subwoofer additionally produces low-frequencies sound. Moreover, it matches along with your sound system in a compromising small area like under the belt. KSC-SW11 encases with sturdy aluminum. It has a built-in amplifier that is powered by 75 watts output. As from professional audiophiles, the power is sufficient to produce highly effective bass to make your coronary heart price quicker.

However, you’ll be able to modify the bass and volume of the subwoofer out of your seats through the use of a handy remote control. The highly effective circuit together with the rock-solid development makes the best car competitors subwoofer sturdy. Also, it may be suitable with low-frequencies that are absolute bliss for producing highly effective bass. Besides, it responses for 35 Hz to 125 Hz frequency range with the variable low-pass filter. Meanwhile, the compact designed subwoofer is secure due to utilizing MOSFET 150 watts power provide. So, you might be free from undesirable incidents which can be created for foolish errors.

Rockville RTB12A Powered Subwoofer

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable bass crossover with remote control
  • 12-inch woofer together with 600 watts amplifier
  • Abrasion-proof insulating jacket for 100% flexibility
  • 10 gauge AWG set up package
  • Prevent extreme temperature -40 to 220 diploma Fahrenheit

Best Subwoofer Brands

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Top Features

Rockville RTB12A 12" 600w Powered Subwoofer Bass Remote+Amp Kit
  • Rockville RTB10A 12“ 600w Powered Subwoofer Bass Tube With Bass Remote. 600 Watts Peak/300 Watts RMS.
  • 10“ High power woofer in vented tubular enclosure. Integrated, built-in 300 Watts RMS Rated amplifier.
  • Rear aero vent bass system. Speaker level and RCA line-level input. Frequency response: 30Hz-200Hz
  • Sensitivity: 111 dB. Adjustable bass crossover. Dashboard adjustable bass remote control.
  • Molded steel woofer grill. Four steel mounting brackets + two canvas straps with Velcro fasteners.

Coming with the motto “Good things do come in small packages” Rockville leads the subwoofer {industry} proficiently. The bass tubes match exactly each automobile however not taking too many areas to be put in. As being portable, the Rockville RTB12A needn’t to an everlasting set up. Instead, it has Four mounting legs and Velcro mounting straps to be mounted wherever you need to place it. Regardless of the portable setup, it offers to clink low-end bass response. The Rockville RTB12A comes with a 10 AWG built-in amp package to regulate remotely. Being manufactured from 100% copper with top high-quality RCA cables, the best low-cost car subwoofer ensures durability and security. The wires present spanking resistance by way of connectivity measurement. As an end result, the higher power can switch extra power to the amplifier to supply an unimaginable bass efficiency.

The progressive package features an abrasion-proof insulating jacket. The jacket permits 100% flexibility over normal power cables to match your automobile inside. Moreover, it’s going to forestall the high temperature of as much as 220 levels Fahrenheit. Beyond that, the jacket can keep distinctive resistance to grease and oil. More ultimately, RTB12A is taken into account a powerhouse of getting 600 watts amplifier and a 12-inch woofer. The mixture produces unimaginable bass sound in your car. It means that you can fine-tune the subwoofer along with your car sound system to offer an ideal sound. It’s one of many best car subwoofer for deep bass inside a restricted price range.

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer


Highlighted Features

  • Hi-Roll Surrounds for prolonged drive music pleasure
  • 300 watts (Dynamic 460 watts) high powered amplifier
  • Auto flip On/Off circuit to reply to the out there sign
  • Adjustable low move crossover for excellent mixing sound efficiency
  • 5 years labor service guarantee with Three years elements guarantee service


Best Subwoofer Brands

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Top Features

Polk Audio PSW505 12" Powered Subwoofer - Deep Bass Impact & Distortion-Free Sound, Up to 460 Watts, Easy Integration with Home Theater Systems, BLACK
  • HEART-THUMPING MUSIC WITH DEEP, POWERFUL BASS – Polk's 12-inch Dynamic Balance Woofer sounds better because it is built better. Make your movies, music & sports experience thrilling
  • ACCURATE SOUND REPRODUCTIONS – Be it delicate, melodious string music or solid blasts and booms from bombs and bullets, this subwoofer picks the subtleties between different kinds of sound correctly and reproduces them with absolute perfection
  • DRIVEN BY IMMENSE 460-WATT POWER, the PSW505 gives HIGH PERFORMANCE IMPACTFUL SOUND WITHOUT ANY DISTORTION. While it blends with any speaker, it works best with Polk's Signature Series Speakers. Highly recommended for your home theater
  • VERSATILE & FULLY LOADED – The front grille is detachable, and the back has a magnetically shielded LFE-input for noisy signal aversion, line- & speaker-level inputs and outputs, and a Phase Toggle Switch designed for running multiple subwoofers
  • EASY TO INTEGRATE WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS – Hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade your music sound instantly. Features continuously variable 60-120 Hz crossover and 25-125 Hz frequency response

Polk Audio has opened a brand new dimension of thrilling low-end sound with a high high-quality powered subwoofer. With an improbable low worth, the Polk Audio PSW sequence is designed to deliver astounding sound expertise which makes it the best low-cost car subwoofer to the audiophiles. To present essentially the most glorious efficiency, the PSW sequence is manufactured from top-notch elements from the driver to the amplifier to the cupboard and plenty of extras. The Best 12-inch car subwoofer has introduced a brand new dimension in the audio {industry} by analyzing the strategy of microscopic conduct. Polk sound engineers then manufacture the appropriate mixture of development, geometry, and supplies through the use of the information they handed from the evaluation.

Thus they make sure the Polk Audio PSW505 subwoofer produces pure, distortion-free, and pure deep bass. Moreover, the subwoofer has Hi-Roll Surrounds contained in the field to help extra prolonged tour high present. The 300 watts power amplifier responses to 23 Hz to 160 Hz frequency range for sound perfection. Even the low-pass crossover permits the subwoofer for excellent mixing with any audio system. If you might be in search of a 12″ subwoofer then this one is the best 12-inch car subwoofer. And, what impresses me extra? I clearly can’t however comply with the presence of LFE magnetic protect auto on/off the circuit. It mechanically turns the subwoofer on when it will get a sign. On the opposite, if the sign is misplaced, it turns mechanically off after 15 minutes.


Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer


Highlighted Features

  • Unique firing port for low profile most bass effect and volume
  • Combination of top-notch supplies, geometry, and enclosure development
  • Resonance-free dynamic steadiness driver to maneuver quick
  • Powered by 120 US Standard voltage
  • 10-inch woofer contained in the field for the superior expertise


Best Subwoofer Brands

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Though each PSW505 and PSW10 comes from Polk Audio, they’ve some distinctive features to deliver the superior expertise to the listeners. Unlike PSW505, it has a 10-inch woofer contained in the field as a substitute for the 12-inch woofer. It additionally has the ground-coupled downward-firing port which you’ll be able to discover in the rest. So, you’ll be pleased to get the best 10-inch car subwoofer to your subwoofer-free sound system for superb audio expertise.

Notably, the firing port brings the most bass effect to the subwoofer by conserving the cupboard in the entrance whereas the profile is as little as doable. It additionally ensures lifetime best high-quality efficiency for sound. However, the distinctive enclosure is powered by 120 volts that are the US normal. As Polk Audio by no means compromises with the standard of producing its merchandise, you might be ensured to get the sturdy supplies in your sound system. They even have efficiently handed for all security and well-being assessments, i.e., exhaustive high-quality assessments, drop testing, UV & salt publicity testing, and extreme sign response.

Top Features

Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer - Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Easy integration with most home theater system | Auto On/OFF for Low Power Consumption | Big Bass at Great value
  • POWERED SUBWOOFER FOR EXTRA BASS and PUNCH – A 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer and a uniquely configured directed port provides accurate bass with added depth that brings your music and movies alive. A perfect solution for your small-to-mid size room.Waterproof : No
  • LOUDER CLEARER SOUND EVEN AT HIGH VOLUME – Enjoy a thrilling yet balanced music experience with rich, deep sound, even at low frequencies. BLENDS EASILY WITH ANY SPEAKER and plays the most demanding nodes effortlessly without any distortion
  • DOUBLE THE AMPLIFIER POWER TO 100 Watts of Dynamic Power with its in-built 50-watt RMS amp. Sophisticated engineering with best in class resonance-free driver materials make this sub highly durable and FIT FOR EXTENDED USE
  • EASY TO INTEGRATE WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS – Hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade your music sound instantly. Features continuously variable 80-160 Hz crossover and 40-160 Hz (-3dB) frequency response
  • A sleek detachable grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs as well as speaker-level outputs on the back, and a Phase Toggle Switch for multiple subwoofers, make this sub cohesive and complete.

Rockville RW10CA Powered Car Subwoofer


Highlighted Features

  • 800 watts peak power with 200 watts RMS
  • 10-inch woofer contained in the subwoofer for excellent sound
  • Protection circuit to forestall from overload, i.e., section switch zero levels to 180 levels Fahrenheit
  • Pas crossover filter to response 50 Hz to 150 Hz
  • Adjustable enter sensitivity with auto On/Off expertise


Best Subwoofer Brands

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Is there any distinction between two subwoofers of Rockville, RTB12A, and RW10CA? Of course, the primary one has a 12-inch woofer contained in the field whether or not the latter one has essentially the most power to deliver the immense bass effect. Both of them require little area to be put in make the best compact subwoofers amongst all out there. The subwoofer comes with a 2.7-inch thick sub enclosure that delivers astounding sound in your automobile, and it saves a ton of area by becoming under your seat.

Moreover, because the amplifier is built-in, you haven’t any trouble to scrub and set up it. Now, you’ll be questioning to know that the RW10CA powers with 800 watts together with 200 watts RMS. The CEA compliant ensures 800 watts peak power which leads highly effective sound from the speaker. Also, you’ll additionally marvel to know that the slim design with 800 watts makes it the best-powered subwoofer car. Likewise, the Rockville merchandise, it has additionally moved the crossover filter, section control, and bass increase. So, you’ll be able to control the extent of volume until it pleases your thoughts. Still not satisfied? Seriously! You will get 30 days refund coverage along with your subwoofer.

Top Features

Rockville RW10CA 10" 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer Sub, Black
  • Rockville RW10CA 800 Watt 10" Slim Car Subwoofer.Waterproof : No
  • 800 Watts Peak / 200 Watts RMS. PWM MOSFET Power Supply.
  • Low Level RCA Input. High Level Inputs with Auto Turn-On Technology.
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity. Soft Delayed Remote Turn-On.
  • Thermal Protection Circuit, Short Protection Circuit.


Main Difference Between a Woofer And a Subwoofer?

Although some individuals favor woofers of their car audio system, there’s a little distinction between woofers and subwoofers. Though each gadget is used to supply low frequencies subwoofer generates lower than a woofer. A woofer produces sounds throughout 20 to 2,000 Hz (high frequency) whereas a subwoofer produces solely 20 and 200 Hz frequency. And are you aware, in a car stereo system the lesser the frequency response in outcomes the higher sounds? So, it’s higher to make use of subwoofers within the car at all times. You may also add subwoofers with a number of woofers or speakers to get the gentle or loud echo impact.

What does a subwoofer do in a car?

But why subwoofers are notably supportive of a car or every other automobile system? Well, the reply is straightforward. Because of its sizes and styles. As we all know a car, speakers should not sufficient to supply high-quality sound. Therefore, low-frequency sound from speakers combined with high power signals typically creates an auditory drawback. Sometimes, this disagreeable sound will get mirrored by the doorways, seats, or different elements of the car and creates a serious high-frequency noise. So, to beat with this ridiculous bother, subwoofers should be used within the car. The difference a part of utilizing the subwoofer in a car is, it might assist to lighten the sound.

Thus, it reduces the load of speakers and performs gentle, flat sounds. By following this technique, you’ll be able to twist the car stereo system up without your tune distorting. Subwoofers repair into the trunk of the car. Or you’ll be able to set within the door or the again aspect additionally. However, because the bass doesn’t have any specific route, so when it comes from the trunk of the car it feels just like the sound is coming from in every single place inside from the car. You simply think about it, just some small subwoofers can change your car right into a hi-fi sound system. Is it not one of the many best outputs of utilizing woofers in your automobile?

How to Choose The Right Car Subwoofer

Power dealing with:

Power dealing with is likely one of the most vital issues to contemplate when searching for a car subwoofer. If you desire a system that actually booms, there’s no substitute for loads of power. A robust subwoofer that may deal with a ton of power on a steady foundation will deliver nice efficiency in comparison with a weak sub. What you wish to actually contemplate when searching for car sub is RMS (Root Mean Square) which is a correct measure that tells you ways a lot of power a subwoofer can deal with on a steady foundation.


that is one other vital key factor to take note of. It goes hand-in-hand with power dealing with to attain high efficiency. A subwoofer with the next sensitivity score requires much less power to provide the identical quantity of sound as a model with a decrease sensitivity score.


Frequency range:

Frequency range offers you a concept of how low a sub can play. Bear in thoughts that the precise efficiency of a subwoofer relies on numerous factors, like how well it’s built and the way well it’s tuned, the enclosure it’s mounted in …and so on.


Enclosure kind:

Enclosure kind performs a significant position in how a subwoofer sounds. In common, if deep bass is what you’re after, contemplate a sealed enclosure. On the opposite hand, if the extra volume is what you’re searching for, then contemplate a ported or a bandpass enclosure.


Size of the woofer:

We’re all the time requested what dimension subwoofers play loudest and lowest? This is a tough query to reply as a result of there are such a lot of variables to factor in such sensitivity score, power dealing with, enclosure kind…and so on. If large bass is high in your listing, and the house isn’t a problem, go for the biggest subwoofer. But don’t underestimate smaller subs. A correctly powered subwoofer mounted in the right enclosure can put out plenty of sounds.

Things to Consider When you Buying Subwoofer

Both the sound fans and the perfectionists ought to know the important factors of the best subwoofer for the car. Pay consideration to the next suggestions so as to have an unimaginable expertise.

Size issues

The subwoofer comes with a terrific selection akin to 8’’, 10’’, 12’’ and 15’’. Whatever subwoofer you get that must be fitted in an enclosure. However, should you want a vibrant and tight sounding bass, the smaller subwoofer is an ideal choice. On the opposite, an extra-large subwoofer produces a deeper and louder sound.

Power dealing with

Power performs a very important function in producing booming sound. So, you must take note of the power setting. The Subwoofer ought to have an RMS power setting that ensures steady power. However, peak power measures the best volume you get.

Voice Coils

When the standard subwoofer has a single voice coil, the most recent gadgets include twin voice coils. The DVC has two completely different voice coils that have separate connections however mounted and connected with a normal cylinder and cone respectively. The car audio fans favor utilizing twin voice coils subwoofer.


Enclosure determines the sound degree you’ll pay attention. If you need to pay attention deepest and correct sound, the sealed field will probably be preferable. On the opposite, should you favor listening to extra volume, bandpass, and ported enclosures will probably be a go for you?


Numerous producers supply wi-fi connectivity to the subwoofer. As the subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, it is smart for powering functionality. Also, it abstains from shopping for a further cable that connects between the subwoofer and the receiver. However, should you nonetheless wish to have a wired connection, at all times use 100% pure copper wire? It lets you get optimum efficiency.

How to Install Subwoofer in a Car?

After you’ve purchased the necessary subwoofers, it’s time to set them up properly. As a result, those are considered crucial measures in achieving the finest results. Because if the subwoofers are installed in an unusual location with exposed wiring, the entire system may be ruined. Are you, however, afraid of repairing it yourself and considering hiring a professional? So don’t be concerned. If you follow the methods I’ve discussed here perfectly and punctiliously, I guarantee you won’t want to be called anything else.

You’ll be able to do it by hand afterwards. Let’s take a look at the methods of installing subwoofers in your vehicle. Step 1: Gather all necessary materials (amplifier, subwoofers, and speaker). Step 2: Connect the wire, RCA cables, and a fuse. Step 3: Complete the wiring and connect the RCA cords. Step 4: Finally, connect the amplifier to the power source. Step 5: Last but not least, install the speakers and subwoofers on the field. Setup guidelines for subwoofers are detailed. That’s all there is to it. By turning on the power and playing the music, you may enjoy your favourite songs.

Summary – Best Subwoofer Brands

Though subwoofers are well-known as particular audio system instruments, I imagine it’s a vital part of a car. Because it may give the Mind-blowing refreshing feeling to an individual which a peculiar car speaker can not. So, it’s as much as you. Which one do you favor? Enjoy the time with bass (songs) by sitting in a car or listening to squeaky sounds? if you like you can also check the best speakers for cars

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