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Best Tozo Earbuds

8 Best Tozo Earbuds – Easy Guide 2022

SkullCandy, AirPods, JLab, Raycons, and Beats, to name a few… The earbud market is congested. It can be difficult to find a pair of wireless earbuds that has an acceptable sound profile and better battery life without compromising on headphones that are easy to break with so many old and new brands popping out new true wireless earbuds left and right. TOZO, who is from Seattle in the state of Washington, is our saviour, which is fortunate for us. A relatively new maker of earbuds that are truly wireless is known by the brand name TOZO.

They are making high-quality and reasonably priced wireless earbuds available to the general public. Customers who want something new, something affordable, something well-built, something created in the United States, and something with excellent sound need look no farther than TOZO earbuds. They have it all. As a result, the purpose of this post is to provide you with a comparison of the most effective tozo earbuds.

8 Best Tozo Earbuds Summary – 2022

Best Tozo EarbudsTOZO NC9Best Tozo Earbuds for Affordability
photo of the TOZO<br> T6TOZO T6Best Tozo Earbuds for Entry-Level Audiophiles
photo of the TOZO<br> T12 ProTOZO T12 ProBest TOZO Earbuds to Provide Premium Features at a Low Price
photo of the TOZO<br> T10TOZO T10Best TOZO Earbuds for Aesthetics and Ergonomics
photo of the TOZO<br> G1TOZO G1Best Tozo Earbuds with Improved Battery Life
photo of the TOZO<br> A1 MiniTOZO A1 MiniBest TOZO Earbuds For Minimalists
photo of the TOZO<br> NC2 ANCTOZO NC2 ANCBest TOZO Earbuds for Emulating the AirPod Pro
photo of the TOZO<br> T9 TWSTOZO T9 TWSBest for Working Out/Running

Reviews of the 8 Best Tozo Earbuds

Best Tozo Earbuds


The ergonomic TOZO NC9 true wireless earbuds are reasonably priced and offer all the glitzy features you want and more. You may experience immersive premium deep bass for an incredible 8 hours with the help of these Tozo earphones on a single charge. The time when you wished your inexpensive earphones had high-end features without any crackling or popping difficulties is long behind. With premium features like active noise cancellation, transparency mode, a dual built-in microphone with active noise cancellation, and one-step pairing, the TOZO NC9 true wireless earbuds surpass their price point.

These wireless earbuds have enormous 9.2mm speaker drivers on top of everything else. Not to mention that these truly wireless earbuds have an 8-hour battery life (without ANC). These babies won’t ever need to be taken off. Just bear in mind that even if these earbuds are quite affordable, having everything may not mean as much. Active noise-cancellation and transparency, for example, will therefore function but perhaps not quite as well as their top-tier counterparts. Several quality control-related factors should also be taken into account. Since the reviews for these “real” wireless earbuds are excellent, they are generally regarded as the best TOZO earbuds in terms of battery life. However, some users have brought up problems with standalone software and hardware.

In conclusion, these Tozo earbuds do boast an IPX6 rating and a quick and consistent transmission of 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity despite their less-than-ideal noise reduction and transparency features. The music quality is worth the price and the earbuds are fine for daily casual use, but it’s preferable to switch to other wireless earbuds if money isn’t an issue.

What We Like

Battery Life -8 hours (4 hours with wireless “noise-cancelling”) is a fairly blistering playback time for a pair of inexpensive wireless earbuds.

Features -The noise-canceling and transparency features on these Bluetooth earbuds put them proper consistent with their dearer counterparts.

Case -You should love the charging case on this pair. 16 spare hours is kind of spectacular.

Bluetooth -Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good because it will get. Both earbuds should join easily and keep connected.

Know Before Buying

Quality Control -This up-and-coming Tozo model might not have the standard control of a bigger competitor.

Features -Although the entire features are a plus, their energetic noise cancellation, and sound high quality might not stand as much as dearer opponents.


Best Tozo Earbuds


The TOZO T6 wireless earphones are an excellent choice. There are six different colours available, six hours of playback, and six millimeter headphone drivers to provide the beats. All of that comes in a premium IPX8 waterproof packaging at cost-effective pricing.

With its appealing price range and “out-of-this-world” features, the TOZO T6 earbuds are the best Tozo wireless earbuds for beginning users. These ergonomically designed, incredibly light earbuds are hard to top for the price. This pair of TOZO wireless earphones is truly waterproof thanks to their amazing IPX8 rating and “as good as it gets” Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. (You read that correctly; waterproof, not water-resistant.)

Therefore, you are able to wear them wherever, including through metal detectors. The charging case is also something you’d enjoy. To top it all off, it’s a wireless charger, and even the case itself isn’t much bigger than a quarter. The Tozo T6 wireless earbuds have acceptable sound quality—I wouldn’t say “incredible”—but they also have a wireless charging case, which is an astounding feat given their IPX8 classification.

What We Like

Price -These TOZO T6 wireless earbuds price lower than a big pizza at numerous locations.

Bluetooth -Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good because it will get. These true wireless earbuds should join easily and keep connected.

IPX Rating -The TOZO T6 additionally features an IPX8 score! I don’t suggest it, however you could possibly actually swim in these unhealthy boys.

Case -Because these wireless earbuds are as small as a coin, the case is ultra-compact and portable. You should additionally love its quick wireless charging capabilities.

Know Before Buying

Sound Quality -Some customers report a tinny or bass-heavy sound from these and the microphone high quality is probably not all that it’s cracked as much as be. (particularly in a loud atmosphere)


Best Tozo Earbuds

TOZO T12 Pro

Although they cost only a third as much as some rival brands, TOZO’s premium earphones are the real deal. The reviews are in, and these earbuds are the best there is with features like active noise cancellation, deep bass, and IPX8 waterproofing.

The company’s response to premium products at a low cost is the TOZO T12 Pro. These earbuds give the best sound profile of the whole TOZO series thanks to their 10mm drivers and true wireless Bluetooth technology. So anticipate precise acoustic tuning with strong bass, a smooth midrange, and a crisp treble.

Along with the tuning, you can anticipate active noise reduction, call noise reduction, and an IPX8 waterproof rating. Don’t forget about the “more than enough” 8-hour battery life and the almost incredible 128-hour extended battery life. To avoid earwax development, remember to take regular pauses.

What We Like

Sound -10mm Drivers in earbuds. Enough mentioned.

Features -The noise-canceling and transparency features on these buds put them proper according to their dearer counterparts.

Charging Case -You should love the case on these. 128 spare hours is almost unparalleled. The case itself can also be IPX8 waterproof and accepts quick charging.

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IPX Rating -The earbuds have an IPX8 ranking! I wouldn’t suggest it, however you possibly can actually swim in these unhealthy boys.

Bluetooth -Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good because it will get. These buds should join easily and keep connected.

Fit -TOZO sends these with loads of ideas so that you can get the proper match.

Know Before Buying

Quality Control -A smaller company like TOZO might not have the standard control of a bigger competitor.


Best Tozo Earbuds


The TOZO 10s beg to be purchased. Tozo crammed Bluetooth 5.0, 8mm drivers, the IPX8 rating we love, and a featherweight, coin-sized, insanely inexpensive earbud.

Your go-to TOZO daily drivers are the 10s. These earbuds provide with a great-looking ergonomic, feather-light construction, and a variety of colours. Remember the features, too. The T10’s 8mm drivers are topped off by an IPX8 waterproof rating and Bluetooth 5.0, which promise to give incredibly precise acoustic reproduction on a budget. And the TOZO T10 case will be there for you even after the sounds stop.

It boasts a quick wireless charging and an IPX8 rating of its own. Remember that although while these are a wonderful offer and TOZO’s entire lineup is reasonably priced and comparable, upgrading to the TOZO T12s may make sense for some people searching for more feature-rich earbuds.

What We Like

Sound -The 8 mm drivers in these are close to twice the scale of most rivals’ drivers. You should be happy with the sound for the value.

Design -An ergonomic design with a great-looking noise discount cap and 5 colour selections make these an important possibility for customers searching for the perfect-looking true wireless earbuds.

Charging Case -The charging case has its personal IPX8 waterproof ranking and accepts quick charging.

IPX Rating -The earbuds have an IPX8 ranking! I don’t advocate it, however, you would actually swim in these unhealthy boys.

Bluetooth -Bluetooth 5.0 is about as good as it will get. These buds join seamlessly and have improved range.

Know Before Buying

Features -These earbuds lack a number of the extra superior features of TOZO’s extra premium buds.


Best Tozo Earbuds


These are the in-ear headphones you want if you want to transition from over-the-ear gaming headphones to more practical, cheap in-ear headphones. These gaming-specific earbuds are an excellent option because they have a high sensitivity microphone, a game/music mode, and extremely low latency.

With the TOZO G1, earbud users may now experience the gaming world. Or is the situation reversed? In any case, these gaming headphones aren’t just for show thanks to features like 45ms low-latency, sound effect optimization, and massive 10mm drivers to deliver the boom. The 6-hour battery life, 4 grammes of weight per bud, and Bluetooth 5.0 should also be appealing to you.

All of those characteristics will allow you to play for longer periods of time with fewer interruptions. And to top it all off, these headphones are far less expensive than typical over-the-ear gaming headphones. Just be aware that there will be a cost associated with the difference in sound quality. Additionally, while 10mm drivers are excellent for earbuds, they fall short of the best over-the-ear gaming headphones.

What We Like

Low Latency -45ms low-latency means you’ll hear what’s taking place in real-time.

Game/Music Mode -You’ll be capable to switch to music/game mode by way of easy touch control settings to optimize the audio in line with the content material.

Design -The G1’s black AirPod like design mixed with their patented “breathing” lights simply look nice, for my part.

Sound Effect Optimization -Immersive sound impact optimization should allow you to pinpoint precisely the place sounds are coming from whereas minimizing outdoors noise.

Drivers -10mm drivers are about as massive as they arrive for in-ear buds. It gives good sound high quality that’s sufficient for informal gaming/music periods.

Weight -A weight of 4 grams per earbud paired with an ergonomic design may have you forgetting these are even on.

Bluetooth -Bluetooth 5.0 is superb for gaming. It minimizes lag and improves connectivity.

Know Before Buying

IPX Rating -Since these are gaming-specific, there are some strings hooked up. you won’t get the high IPX score you’ll discover on most different TOZO earbuds.


Best Tozo Earbuds

TOZO A1 Mini

In terms of appearance, functionality, and cost, the TOZO A1 Mini True Wireless Earbuds are incredibly economical. Don’t be fooled, though; these TOZO earbuds offer a respectable battery life and a respectable in-call stereo sound system, all in a very tiny shell.

It is absurd to refer to them as “low-end” as, in the proper hands, they might be the best TOZO earphones. The case is extremely thin, small, and traditionally styled. Even some jeans’ watch pockets may accommodate this. Due to their lengthy battery life, both earphones may be worn comfortably for six hours. They are both incredibly comfortable and ergonomic. Four additional ear tips are also included so you can customise them as needed. The earphones’ appearance is not particularly stylish or cutting-edge. They are readily damaged and are prone to scratches.

Fortunately, due to their cheaper cost, they are quite simple to replace. This set of Bluetooth earbuds lacks all of the added features like active noise cancellation, water resistance, gaming, and transparency modes. As a result, these earphones are inadequate for extremely narrow use cases like exercising and blocking out ambient sounds. This is almost towards the bottom of the list of the best TOZO earphones. Clear sound and a comfy design are always guaranteed, even at “rock bottom,” though, as this is TOZO (and not some generic device made in China).

What We Like

Low Price -These Tozo Earbuds are very reasonably priced, and lots of customers take into account shopping for this as an emergency again up pair.

Decent Sound Quality -Although it’s not wonderful, you get a surprisingly higher sound high quality.

Ergonomic Design -These wireless earbuds are light-weight and hassle-free and the 4 completely different ear suggestions are very a lot welcome.

Know Before Buying

No Proper IP Rating -TOZO customer support didn’t present a good IP ranking for this system. So it’s higher to imagine that these earbuds should not sweat resistant.

Lack Of Proper Noise Isolation Features -Eliminating background noise will not be its forte. Therefore, in any noisy setting, you should have bother listening.


Best Tozo Earbuds


The TOZO NC2 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds won’t let you down if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to the AirPod Pro experience. You’re in for a wild ride because there isn’t a definite winner when comparing these to the original truly wireless earbuds (those made by Apple).

You can tell they were influenced by the Apple AirPods Pro just by looking at the case. Even if the earbuds’ actual shape isn’t quite as rounded off as Apple’s, they still have a premium appearance and offer some enhancements. Speaking of which, the battery life and IP certification are two of the most crucial features these hybrid active noise-canceling earbuds have. On a single charge, these TOZO earbuds can operate continuously for up to 8 hours. These TOZO earphones are sweat-resistant and can last longer than the battery life of Apple’s AirPod Pro thanks to their IPX6 classification.

The TOZO earphones’ charging case, which offers an additional 32 hours of playtime and can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours, is the icing on the cake. Apple’s AirPods, regrettably, cannot be considered to be similar. The TOZO NC2 cannot, therefore, be a substitute for the Apple AirPods Pro. In terms of sound quality, comfort, and design, the Apple AirPods continue to reign supreme, especially in some of the subtler areas like touch control settings and human hearing sensitivity. The TOZO earbuds offer their own advantages, particularly in terms of price, battery life, and the general lack of fuss you typically experience with Apple products, even though it’s unfair to compare them to the Apple AirPods Pro.

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What We Like

Low Price -These Tozo Earbuds are very reasonably priced, and lots of customers take into account shopping for this as an emergency again up pair.

Decent Sound Quality -Although it’s not wonderful, you get a surprisingly higher sound high quality.

Ergonomic Design -These wireless earbuds are light-weight and hassle-free and the 4 completely different ear suggestions are very a lot welcome.

Know Before Buying

No Proper IP Rating -TOZO customer support didn’t present a good IP ranking for this system. So it’s higher to imagine that these earbuds should not sweat resistant.

Lack Of Proper Noise Isolation Features -Eliminating background noise will not be its forte. Therefore, in any noisy setting, you should have bother listening.


Best Tozo Earbuds


For outdoor use, the TOZO T9 TWS is a fantastic option. The best TOZO earbuds for exercising and jogging are those with an IPX7 waterproof rating, which is their main selling point.

There are many advantages to these wireless earphones that are small and light. The TOZO T9 TWS’s tiny size and 8 hours of nonstop playback are its two secondary selling features in addition to their outstanding IP rating, making them ideal for a long day at the office or a trek through the woods. The construction of these wireless earphones and the charging case is remarkable despite their modest price.

They are sturdy and won’t crumble after a minor fall. Additionally, if you use the proper ear tips, they won’t fall off regardless. The stem design prevents the earphones from falling (much like the Airpods). Additionally, they are simpler to grasp onto, and the extended stem makes phone calls easier because the microphone is pointed towards the user’s face. Particularly considering the pricing range, the audio quality is regarded as acceptable. Extremely clear sound may be heard in all frequency ranges, from low bass to high treble.

What We Like

IPX7 Rating -The IPX7 ranking on this dangerous boy implies that it’s virtually waterproof for as much as 1 meter, making it the best TOZO earbuds for figuring out or for “singin’ in the rain.”

Low Price -TOZO has been very beneficiant with the worth tag on this pair of wireless earbuds. Their efficiency and features are very spectacular for a pair of earbuds priced below $25.

Know Before Buying

Non-exceptional Audio Quality -For audiophiles, this won’t be the best pair of TOZO earbuds, since these don’t won’t deliver high-quality sound.

ANC Is Not Ideal -Unfortunately, the wireless noise-canceling features on this pair will not be what audiophiles would contemplate being correct ANC.


TOZO Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

PISA, ITALY - APRIL 6, 2019: Man holds Apple Airpods. They are a best selling item from Apple.

It can be challenging to make a decision with the wide range of options offered by TOZO. (Or options.) Additionally, it’s clear from all of the wireless earbuds we’ve examined so far that TOZO created some of the more reasonably priced earbuds for very certain use scenarios. Fortunately, this guide will assist you in selecting the best wireless earbuds for your needs.

IP rating

If you’re any person that likes figuring out or doing sports activities, then probably the most fundamental IPX4 is enough sufficient. (Like the Apple AirPods Pro.) However, if I needed to prioritize the IP rating, my suggestion could be the TOZO T10 because it has the best IP score at IPX8.

Battery Life

When it comes to the amount of time that music can be played continuously without stopping, earbuds cannot compete with headphones. However, in my opinion, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than six hours of continuous playtime. Therefore, if this is something that is important to you, I would suggest getting The TOZO T12, which has an amazing continuous playback time of 9 hours. This will let you to attend to a full-time job while also listening to music and taking phone calls.

Comfort and Ergonomics

When you purchase online, it can be tough to get a good sense of how comfortable certain earbuds are, which makes it difficult to make a decision about which ones to buy. Unfortunately, this is a difficult thing to determine. Even if you pay attention to what other people have to say about the in-ear design of the earbuds, you may have a different ear shape than they do; therefore, you will never know unless you give it a try. On the other hand, things appears to be going swimmingly for a good number of other people. Personally, I find the stem-shaped TOZO T9 to be the most comfortable and ergonomically sound option.

Sound Quality

Best Tozo Earbuds

It is challenging to form an objective opinion of the True Wireless earbuds’ overall sound quality due to the fact that they are so reasonably priced. Some people would say that these earbuds are missing features such as powerful bass reproduction and active noise cancellation. From the point of view of an audiophile, therefore, if sound quality is that much more important than affordability, I recommend going with the TOZO T12 Pro because of its precise acoustic tuning and improved sound characteristics.


How do the touch controls work on all TOZO earbuds?

Although the TOZO earbuds’ Smart Touch Control sensors have several shortcomings, they have nonetheless been able to offer a number of settings, including the ability to switch between tracks, activate voice assistants, answer calls, and modify the volume—a capability that many other wireless earbuds lack. An overview of the touch control options is provided below:

  • Earlier track: Double-tap the left earbud
  • Future Track: the right earbud twice
  • Toggle Single-tap any earbud to start/stop music
  • Take calls and hang up: Any earbud can be single-tapped to answer a call.
  • Turn on Siri or the voice assistants: Three taps on one earbud
  • Tap and hold the right earbud to increase volume.
  • Tap and hold the left earbud to reduce the volume.

What makes TOZO earphones unique?

These eight TOZO earbuds share a trait with every other pair of wireless earbuds in their lineup: a focus on value without compromising on quality. Although TOZO items cost a fourth less than some of their rivals’ offerings, quality shouldn’t be an issue. Hard to beat are features like IPX8 waterproofing, noise-cancelling, and hi-fi music on top of the Bluetooth 5.0 platform at TOZO pricing in today’s busy, budget-conscious world. Additionally, because TOZO earbuds are some of the best earbuds for little ears, they are the ideal presents for teenagers and kids.

Do TOZO wireless earbuds have a warranty?

Yes, all TOZO goods come with a 12-month warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Why are TOZO earbuds so affordable?

The general lack of brand marketing is the main reason TOZO products are so reasonably priced. To advertise its goods on billboards and television, TOZO has no marketing department. The majority of their advertising comes from word-of-mouth, which they have tapped into by offering reasonably priced, truly wireless earbuds with top-notch features and specifications.


I’ve been an Apple devotee in recent years. This is because Apple products are visually appealing and have consistent quality. I’ve also crossed paths with Beats, ridden the Jlab train, broken more Skullcandy earbuds, and lost more generic wireless headphones than most people can imagine.

Some of these headphones were destroyed since I like to listen to music at full volume, which causes the bass to damage the headphone drivers in the long run. Fans, take note: there’s a new Sherrif in town. TOZO is a US-based brand that knows that quality can be obtained at an affordable price.

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