Common Soundbar Issues and How to Solve Them

Common Soundbar Issues and How to Solve Them

Isn’t it true that we adore our televisions? This is especially true during the COVID phase. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been watching a lot of TV lately. The small shape of most modern TVs is one of their most appealing features. Unfortunately, their speakers do not give good sound in exchange for their slim appearance.

Fortunately, adding a soundbar, which allows for great sound, is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution. You’ll find that a soundbar improves not only the volume but also the quality of the sound coming from your TV.

The Soundbar Doesn’t Power On

Many folks face power points with their speakers. If you’re making an attempt to power in your audio bar nevertheless it fails, then there’s one thing unsuitable with the power connection. Maybe it’s not receiving power or its inner power system has failed.

The very first thing you should do is verify whether or not you’ve turned on the power socket. We know, duh. But belief us, it occurs to everybody. If it’s occurred to you, take into account your self fortunate that your soundbar is that this easy to repair! Common Soundbar Issues and How to Solve Them

Next, flip the speaker on utilizing it’s onboard power button or utilizing the remote. If it fails to power on, attempt it out on one other power socket. If this additionally fails, verify whether or not the cable has any indicators of injury and whether or not it’s plugged firmly into the socket and the soundbar.

If it’s connected via one other gadget like an extension wire, join it on to the primary wall socket. In case it fails to power on, attempt one other power cable. If all these makes an attempt fail, you may be past DIY repair.

Soundbar Goes To Sleep Mode on Its Own

Has this ever occurred to you? You’re engrossed in an important film or an intense dramatic tv present when proper on the most climactic second, the soundbar goes to sleep by itself and your sound is gone. D’oh! Fortunately, the most certainly trigger is an easy one to repair: you in all probability have an activated sleep timer. Check the settings and switch off the “sleep timer” to revive your media expertise without interruptions.

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You additionally will need to make sure the soundbar just isn’t set to mechanically power off upon turning off your TV.

Cable Connection Problems

If you’ve connected your tv set to the soundbar utilizing a cable however there’s no audio, the most certainly reason for the issue is an improper cable connection or a malfunctioning cable. If the speaker is turned on and there’s no audio, first verify the connection. Start with disabling the inner TV speakers utilizing the TV remote.

Next, make sure the speaker choice on the TV is about to exterior and verify once more whether or not you’re now getting sound. Also, most soundbars might be simply connected to a TV and different elements through HDMI, optical, and RCA cables. For occasion, if you happen to’ve connected your tv set to the speaker utilizing any of those cables, make sure the cable is firmly plugged in. You can unplug and plug within the cable firmly.

Still no sound? Try a brand new cable and verify whether or not it’ll work. In case you’re nonetheless unable to get sound, then you definately should attempt one other connection methodology. For occasion, if the HDMI connection just isn’t working, attempt utilizing an optical or RCA cable primarily based on what your tv and audio bar helps. If the units have a number of ports for every type of connection, attempt all of the ports till you get a working one.

While doing this, make sure the supply input of the audio bar is about appropriately. For occasion, set the supply to optical when utilizing an optical connection or AUX when utilizing an AUX to RCA cable. If you’ve connected a part to your tv, change the supply of the tv to part. In case you’ve connected the part gadget to the speaker, make sure the input supply in your speaker is about to part. Also, make sure the volume on each units is turned up whereas troubleshooting cable connections. Common Soundbar Issues and How to Solve Them In case you’ve tried all possible cable connections and unable to get sound, you’ll have to reset the soundbar. Press the reset button in your soundbar for some seconds to reset it. Then verify whether or not now you can get sound. If all these choices fail, contact your producer for additional help. If your guarantee is expired (let’s face it, it in all probability is), you possibly can have the unit checked by an area electronics restore skilled.

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No Audio from the Subwoofer

Some soundbars have a separate subwoofer. In case there’s no sound from the subwoofer, first verify whether or not it’s really powered on. In case it’s not receiving power, make sure the power wire is connected firmly to the sub and the power outlet. Also, make sure you’ve connected the cable to a working power outlet. If it’s nonetheless not powering on, verify the cable for indicators of injury or attempt a brand new power cable.

In case the subwoofer is powering on however there is no such thing as a sound, possibly you haven’t correctly linked it to the audio bar. You can reboot the 2 models and take a look at linking them once more. If they nonetheless fail to hyperlink, attempt to reset them one after the other by urgent the onboard “reset” button. Still no power or sound? Contact your retail retailer or producer for additional recommendation.

Wireless Devices Won’t Pair

Today, most speakers include wireless connectivity options. For occasion, the best choices include Bluetooth connectivity. This lets you join units wirelessly. Wireless connections remove using cables and improve portability. At instances, you might have issues with pairing a tool to the speaker through Bluetooth. In case your gadget just isn’t pairing, first guarantee no different units are paired and take a look at once more.

This could occur since some Bluetooth speakers only pair one gadget at a time. Also, attempt pairing the units once they’re shut to one another since some units are restricted by way of Bluetooth range. Another troubleshooting choice is to reboot each units and attempt to pair them once more. While doing this, guarantee Bluetooth connectivity is lively on the soundbar. You can turn on Bluetooth on the audio bar utilizing its remote.

If you’re still having trouble pairing them, and you’re following the producer’s instructions, you’ll need to reset the speaker. If the problem with Bluetooth connectivity persists after you’ve reset it, contact the manufacturer.
Common Soundbar Issues and How to Solve Them

Soundbar Troubleshooting


Regardless of the model of your soundbar, we hope our troubleshooting suggestions assist. Remember, at all times attempt every answer one by one for simpler isolation of the issue. If you’re unable to discover a answer, first contact your retail retailer or producer for additional help earlier than taking your speaker to an area restore store.

In case your speaker has malfunctioned and it’s nonetheless lined by a guaranty, you may get a free alternative or free servicing from the retail retailer or producer. Last resort, take it to an area restore store when nothing appears to work and its guarantee has expired.

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