How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home | Guide

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home

There are tons of soundbars in the marketplace proper now, and although some are glorious, others aren’t worthy of the bubble wrap they arrive in. And as for features, each soundbar is totally different — and a few features it is advisable to take note of. Are there sufficient HDMI inputs to deal with all of your gadgets? What about Bluetooth for streaming music? Yes, there are loads of choices. And sure, we’re right here to assist. We wrote this soundbar shopping for information that can assist you to pick the proper one for you, your TV, and your room — so let’s do it.

Sound Bar Buying Guide Cheat Sheet

In a rush? Here are crucial issues to know (or do) earlier than shopping for a soundbar, in bitesize type:

  • Choose a soundbar with Three or extra channels – at a minimum. There are nonetheless 2-channel soundbars on the market, they usually not more than glorified mini-stereos. With Three or extra channels, you possibly can simulate surround sound for extra immersive expertise.
  • Go with an energetic soundbar. Active soundbars include built-in amplifiers (passive soundbars don’t). We say it prices it, particularly should you’re attempting to save lots of areas or need a 2-for-1 answer.
  • Consider the place you need to place your soundbar. Are you hanging it on a wall or laying it on a desk? Aesthetically talking, your new soundbar shouldn’t be any wider than your TV. And in an ideal world, whether or not hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf, the proper spot on your soundbar: centered beneath or above your TV. Just ensure you have sufficient area!
  • Pay consideration to connectivity. Most soundbars come to Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth-enabled, so you possibly can simply stream music from any computer, cellphone, or tablet – making your soundbar a stereo, too. And examine for HDMI-switching, which makes it simple to switch audio sources without having to re-route HDMI cables.
  • Buy your new soundbar from a licensed supplier. Do this, and also you get the producer’s guarantee, service, and help. (In our case, guaranteed support even long after the sale. Not to brag, however, we did take #2 in Customer Service by USA Today. Just sayin’.)
  • Or simply skip the remainder of this and purchase certainly one of these listed right here: The Best Sound Bars of 2020. Then give your self a standing-O. You now have what our consultants are calling one of many best soundbars anyplace, at any worth. Any questions? You’re welcome to name and speak to one of our experts – anytime.

Wait, time-out: Are soundbars price it?

Most of us purchase soundbars as a result of they simply don’t have the area mandatory for actual home theater surround sound. Soundbars are slim, low-profile space-savers. Real residence theater sound is available in many variations, however usually, residence theater sound requires a separate amplifier and not less than 5 speakers (one heart, one left, one proper, two rear) and a subwoofer. (All of which usually prices greater than a soundbar alone.) The level?

If you might have the area and the price range, you would possibly need to take into account genuine residence theater sound as a result of it’s superb in so some ways. Put it this fashion: If a superb soundbar improves your TV audio 100-fold, then an actual residence theater improves your TV audio — and the general expertise — 10,000-fold. But should you’re simply on the lookout for an easy answer, a soundbar can be a particular improvement out of your TV’s audio.

The two varieties: Sound Bars and Sound Bases.

Yes, this can be a soundbar shopping for information, however, there are technically two varieties that get the job carried out: soundbars and sound bases. Both include speakers inside and serve the identical objective: make your TV’s audio distinctly higher, as in clearer dialogue (particularly if it has a Voice Enhancement function), richer sound, crisper particulars, extra immersive, extra cinematic, all of that. The internet impact: crickets in the evening sound like crickets in the evening, and never like somebody left the tap working. And in huge moments, like The Hulk having a significant mood tantrum, you will be diving for canopy.

But there are some variations:

What’s a soundbar?

A soundbar is a long, skinny rectangular-shaped bar crammed with speakers and loads of technical wizardry. A very good soundbar does for the spoken phrase what a superb pair of glasses does for making issues crystal clear. The end result: voices come by way of crisp and distinct — and a lot so, even whispered dialogue may be heard clearly. (No extra turning on subtitles or elevating the volume to listen to what’s being mentioned.) And since soundbars are wider than sound bases, they throw sound additional afield (left and proper) and to a level (albeit a really small diploma) get nearer to an actual residence theater impact. As for the place they go, soundbars both

A) mount to the wall under your TV,

B) sit in the entrance of your TV in case your TV is on a desk or

C) sit on a shelf under or above your TV in case your TV is in a shelving system. Many soundbars today come packaged with a separate wi-fi subwoofer.

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home | Guide Sonos Playbar Sound Bar

Sonos PLAYBAR Sound Bar

What’s a sound base?

The objective of a sound base is precisely the identical as a soundbar (make your TV sound superb), however, they differ in measurement and power. Sound bases are deeper (entrance to again) than soundbars, however, usually shorter in width (aspect to aspect)… and they’re principally designed to sit down under the TV or on a shelf straight under the TV. Sound bases usually have extra room inside than soundbars, and consequently, they arrive with higher built-in amplification and greater bass drivers, lessening the necessity for a subwoofer — although it’s robust to beat a superb standalone subwoofer. And larger is healthier relating to something audio.

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How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home | Guide Sonos Playbase Sound Base Sonos PLAYBASE Sound Base

Tips from our consultants

  • Sound bases don’t do stereo as well as soundbars. (Soundbars do a greater job with stereo channel separation as a result of the speakers are additional aside.)
  • Soundbars are getting skinnier and skinnier similar to TVs. And although skinny makes for an awesome look, skinny isn’t good relating to audio high quality. You actually ought to take into account incorporating the subwoofer to get the best audio out of your soundbar.
  • Depending on your setup and the way you prepare issues, a soundbar can block the sign out of your remote to your TV. (There are workarounds, like this universal IR extender from Salamander.) Best take note of how issues will match so your new soundbar doesn’t block your TV’s IR receptor (the place you level your remote).

Next: What to think about when shopping for a soundbar.

Should you get a passive soundbar or an energetic soundbar? A 3-channel soundbar or a 5-channel soundbar? And are they onerous to attach? Here are the questions we hear most:

1. Where will it stay?

Where you place your TV and the way a lot area you might have round your TV could dictate which kind (soundbar or sound base) will work best for you — and the sort will affect the place you place it. Soundbars are extra versatile relating to set up – they’re made to hold on the wall or sit under (and in entrance of) your TV. Also true for all soundbars: arrange is simple. If your TV if is on a desk or credenza, simply place the soundbar on the identical desk, straight under the display. (Just ensure you have sufficient area between the underside of the TV and desk – examine the soundbar specs and measure the realm earlier than shopping for.) If your TV is wall-mounted, mount your soundbar to the wall straight under it. Some soundbars even include mounting kits to make DIY set up a cinch. Sound bases, however, are built to stay beneath your TV (which is why they’re so heavy), on top of a desk or shelf.

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home | Guide Sound Bar Placement

On top of a credenza or media cupboard

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home | Guide Sound Bar Placement

Mounted on the wall

Tips from our consultants

  • We usually hear clients ask should you can put a soundbar above the TV, too. Our take? Yes, you possibly can if that’s the one place you might have accessible… but it surely won’t sound fairly nearly as good. (Unless you go together with an extra versatile choice just like the HEOS Bar, which is designed to sound nice wherever you mount it.) Still, will probably be higher than your TV’s built-in speakers.
  • Putting a sound base under your TV (the place it belongs) will elevate your TV a number of inches. Maybe that’s trivial, but it surely’s higher that now so you possibly can measure the area you might have accessible.
  • Some soundbars are fairly sharp wanting, some are very understated to raised mix in, and a few are purposely made for particular TVs so that they pair collectively fantastically. If you need to go that route, examine to see in case your TV producer builds soundbars designed for the model you might have. Some Sony 4K TVs, for instance, look attractive with Sony’s low-profile HT-NT5 soundbar.

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home | Guide Sony HT-NT5 Sound Bar Sony HT-NT5 soundbar

2. What measurement soundbar must you get?

Aesthetically talking, your new soundbar shouldn’t be any wider than your TV — and in an ideal world, each is the identical very same width for a good look. However, you possibly can technically pair a soundbar with nearly any measurement TV. So relating to measurement, use your discretion. Just be sure your TV has the proper connectivity to hook up your new soundbar, particularly in case your TV is eight years or older.

3. What are energetic or passive soundbars, and why is that necessary?

Passive means the soundbar doesn’t have a built-in power amp, and thus requires a receiver or amplifier to work. They do, nevertheless, have higher speakers — and higher speakers imply higher sound. As an end result, a passive soundbar will price you just a little extra, and you will have to attach extra elements collectively. You’ll additionally want a standard subwoofer connection if you’d like additional bass.

Active means the soundbar comes with built-in amplifiers that power all the things, as well as channel processors that separate left, proper, and heart speakers within the soundbar. So, no additional receiver to plug into (or purchase), plus much fewer wires with an all-inclusive system. Our advice: If you’re seeking to merely improve your TV’s audio, go together with an energetic soundbar. Passive soundbars are higher fitted to customized installations (e.g., if you’d like your soundbar to vanish as a part of the TV, or need a full-blown Dolby Atmos system).

4. What are soundbar “channels” and what number do I would like?

Think of channels as sound sources or particular person speakers. Most reveals and flicks today provide 5 totally different audio channels (and in some instances, extra for surround sound) embedded digitally: heart, left, proper, plus two within the rear (left rear and proper rear). What makes a soundbar totally different from a usual residence theater setup: all channels/speakers are contained in a single unit. So the logic follows

a 2-channel soundbar: 2 speakers: left and proper.

3-channel soundbar: 3 speakers: heart, proper, and left.

5-channel soundbar: all 5 speakers talked about above: heart, proper, left, and two rear speakers. (5-channel techniques have been the house theater normal for near 20 years now.)

7-channel soundbar: 7 speakers. Essentially, 7-channels is identical as 5-channels with a bonus: By splitting surround and rear channel information in Four channels, you get 7 whole. (The latest and best normal.)

Dolby Atmos soundbar: This is the “Holy Cow” model of 5- or 7-channel soundbar. What makes it totally different: upward-firing speakers situated within the soundbar, which displays sound above you for a heightened, three-dimensional soundstage. So while you see channel numbers like 5.1.2 or 7.1.2, the third represents Dolby Atmos upward-firing speakers (the primary is for a variety of conventional channels and the second is for a subwoofer). This soundbar works best in rooms with flat ceilings as much as 11 toes high which are made from onerous, reflective materials.

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Bottom line: So to the query “how many channels do you need?” The extra, the merrier… and the higher and extra immersive the expertise.

5. What connections do I would like?

Today’s latest soundbars include a wide range of connectivity choices — and a couple of approach of doing issues. Some key connections to maintain an eye fixed out for:


So simple. Just join your soundbar to your TV’s audio return channel (ARC) enter with an HDMI cable, and also you’re all set. HDMI is very good for multi-channel soundbars.

Wireless Connectivity

Want the flexibility to stream audio on straight out of your soundbar or through your cellphone or tablet? Here’s what to search for:

  • Bluetooth: Many soundbars in the present day come with Bluetooth built-in, making it simple to stream music out of your computer, smartphone, and tablet.
  • Wi-Fi: There are wireless soundbars, which include Wi-Fi to allow them to hop on your house’s Internet community and stream just about something from anyplace (Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, you title it).

Optical Port

An optical patch twine offers you a strong, best-case state of affairs connection between your TV and soundbar. It’s additionally one of many best, easiest, and most dependable connections accessible. However, it doesn’t have the bandwidth to hold over a 5.1 sign.

USB Inputs

Normally, USB inputs are solely included for firmware updates. But most soundbar updates in the present day are carried out by way of software program updates. We say you don’t want this — until you’re seeking to plug in a thumb drive together with your songs on it.

Tip from our consultants

  • A very good wireless soundbar can pull double responsibility as a stereo (just like the Sonos Playbar). Just stream music on to it out of your computer, cellphone, or tablet, and go from the TV room to Party City.

6. How will I control the soundbar?

Does a brand new system imply you must use one more remote control? Yes and no. Meaning, sure, your new system will include its personal remote control, however, you possibly can normally program your current TV remote to additionally work together with your soundbar. (A cocktail desk filled with remotes? We all hate that. We can present your methods to simplify with simply one remote that controls everything.) P.S. Some soundbars additionally include a free cell app, so you possibly can function your system through your cellphone or tablet.

A couple of remaining ideas: Soundbar steadily requested questions.


Can you add speakers to a soundbar?

Some sure and a few no. In reality, among the newer soundbars include extra speakers as a part of the system (try Harman Kardon’s Omni Bar+ soundbar and subwoofer), which will get you a lot nearer to actual residence theater sound. The solely different approach you possibly can add wi-fi rear speakers: if the soundbar is multi-room successful (like Sonos, HEOS, Bose, and many others.). And that is an awesome choice in case you have (or need to arrange) a multi-room audio system all through your house.

Can you add a subwoofer to a soundbar?

Many wireless soundbars ship with a wireless subwoofer. And those that do not normally incorporate a woofer port so you possibly can add your own if you wish to. (And it would be best too if you’d like much more immersive expertise.)

Do you want a receiver in case you have a soundbar?

No should you purchase an energetic soundbar, sure should you purchase a passive soundbar. Scroll as much as “what to consider” for particulars.

What are Dolby Atmos soundbars?

Some newer soundbars come with Dolby Atmos technology, which bounces audio off ceilings to simulate a surround sound impact. It’s fairly good, but it surely’s nonetheless not the true factor.

What is “Cinema Sound”?

Most soundbars have a function referred to as “cinema sound” or “movieplex sound” (or simply “virtual surround sound”), which they are saying mimics precise residence theater sound. Reality: All that does is add just a little digital delay, type of like a fractional echo (suppose reverb). This doesn’t equal genuine residence theater sound, but it surely does make it sound such as you’re in an even bigger room. Admittedly, some are superb, however, you must pay additional.

Can a soundbar be used as a middle speaker?

Some can, some can’t — however we do not advocate it. Technically talking, although a passive soundbar might probably be used as a middle channel speaker, it is not designed for that objective. It’s like asking a baseball pitcher to additionally catch and play second base, as a substitute of sticking to the one place he is stellar at.

What manufacturers must you purchase?

We thought you’d by no means ask. There are loads of manufacturers that construct high-quality soundbars (together with greats like Bose, Sony, Sonos, and Yamaha). And our handy-dandy “12 Best Sound Bars of 2020” information will certainly assist with that!

What concerning the guarantee?

When you purchase from a licensed supplier, your new soundbar will include the total producer’s guarantee. What’s extra: with a licensed supplier, you additionally get help from the supplier along with help from the producer.

How to Choose the Right Soundbar for Your Home – Summary?

At World Wide Stereo, we fastidiously vet all of our soundbar brands and models so that you don’t need to, and our 40-year close to excellent observe report and #2 Customer Service ranking from USA Today says all of it. Your new soundbar is funding — purchase it from a trusted supplier with a stellar observe report and also you’re good as gold. And should you’re nonetheless unsure which soundbar is best for you, or in case you have a query we didn’t reply or a novel state of affairs, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us. Seriously, we stay for serving to clients make nice decisions, regardless of the price range or state of affairs.

The approach we see it: When we do proper by you, whether or not now, subsequent 12 months, and even years after a sale, you’re going to return again. And in all probability greater than as soon as. Eventually, we’re on a primary title foundation… and if you’re in the neighborhood, you’re even stopping by for our particular occasions. Life is nice. Thank you for studying – and luxuriate in your superior new soundbar! Sincerely, Bob, Ron, Gavin, Kristin, Emily, and the remainder of us at World Wide Stereo.

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