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How to Connect Soundbar to Your PC or Laptop

How to Connect Soundbar to Your PC or Laptop

Can you inform us what speaker system we use essentially the most in our households? Probably your thoughts turning round TV or audio participant’s speaker. If so, you then aren’t proper. We do use computer speakers greater than other sound methods. Yes, that’s true. If you spend numerous time-consuming media on your computer, you may need to realize how tinny and low-quality the speakers built into displays are.

Computer speakers are one resolution, however, they typically depart you with cables in all places. You could be shocked to know that in a couple of fast steps you possibly can join a soundbar to your computer:

  • Figure out in case your computer has a 3.5mm AUX out port, an optical port, an HDMI port, and/or Bluetooth
  • For methods with a 3.5mm, HDMI, or optical ports, join the relevant cable to the soundbar
  • For methods with Bluetooth, pair the soundbar
  • Set the computer’s audio-out choice to the soundbar

Some of this stuff may be complicated. For occasion, a custom-built computer could not have Bluetooth in it by default, and a bare-bones system could not actually have a 3.5mm jack. If you might want to get an adapter, be sure you learn by way of the directions under to know which one you wish to get.  

For a “computer type of guy” a soundbar shouldn’t be solely an object of intensifying his house’s inside magnificence but in addition, very usefully a pleasant a part of his home theater system because it operates along with his PC. Soundbars eschew sophisticated wiring and configuration and supply upgraded audio high quality. In truth, most people aren’t conscious of the extent of power and repair a soundbar delivers.

If you buy a soundbar and can’t join it to your PC, I understand how you feeling as I confronted the identical downside the primary time. Don’t fear! I’m right here to inform you to join the soundbar to your computer. It’s simpler than you thought.

Why Use a Soundbar with a Computer?

Maybe you’re questioning why you’d use a soundbar with a computer in any respect?

It looks like terrible trouble, particularly if you need to get an extra-long 3.5mm or optical cable that, finally, will probably be dangling throughout the room. Well, the reply is that computer systems simply have many more choices than any streaming service.

Cable, streaming sticks like Fire TV and Roku, even smart-TVs with all of your favorite streaming apps built-in all have a basic limitation: they’re closed ecosystems that restrict your choices to what they assume you want. The open sandbox of a computer, the place you possibly can have a number of windows open, stream from all of the providers above but in addition simply play files your self and even conduct a video-call, it simply helps you to do what you need, while you need, on what’s more than likely the costliest display in your home.

But laptop and computer speakers simply aren’t designed to fill a room, particularly to help a house theater, so to get the complete impact of liberating your private home theater by working it from a computer, you want an audio resolution, and the quickest, easiest one is more likely to join the computer to a soundbar.

Where Would You Place It?

And lastly, the place do you set the factor? The soundbar needs to be on the base of the display, or possibly on a coffee-table in the course of the room in case your setup is a bit more compact, so place your soundbar based mostly on the producer’s suggestion right here.

Then, use long cables if you might want to span a big distance to the computer. Consider how typically, and in what approach you’ll use this setup, after which let that drive whether or not or not you wish to go to the added trouble of hiding the audio cable behind the partitions or under a rug.

Methods for Connecting a Soundbar to a Computer

The good news is that you have a handful of options right now. It’s also simple to set up. Connecting the soundbar to the computer should be simple if you find a decent location for it (perhaps behind the display if it’s a “base” style soundbar, or even hung under the desk). If you want your system to have a little more punch, you might want to consider adding a Subwoofer to the soundbar (see our guide), but that’s something you can think about after you’ve connected your soundbar.

1) AUX Out (Using a 3.5mm Jack)

Black Aux Cable

This is by far the simplest and most usual method of connecting your computer to a soundbar. A 3.5mm AUX out connection is still found on most current computers (though some are going to USB-C connectors only). Even if there isn’t a sound card installed, custom-built computer rigs frequently contain a 3.5mm connector on the case.

If your computer has a 3.5mm connector, connecting to a soundbar is as simple as connecting the two devices with a 3.5mm male-to-male cable. If you connect your computer and don’t hear sound right away, make sure the computer’s volume is turned up, the soundbar’s default playback device is set to the soundbar, and the soundbar is set to the AUX input.

2) Bluetooth

When Can You Connect a Soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth

It’s less likely that your computer includes a Bluetooth-out option if you developed it yourself. However, if you built the rig yourself, you’ll already be aware of this, as it means you either purchased and installed a Bluetooth card on the motherboard.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, is nearly a standard on laptops these days. It’s difficult to find one that doesn’t come with pre-installed Bluetooth that “simply works.”

Go to your computer’s Bluetooth settings and look for a list of devices that are transmitting a Bluetooth signal that the computer can see. After that, turn on your soundbar and choose it from the list.

The soundbar should chime to indicate that it’s connected at this stage, and if the computer doesn’t automatically send the audio there, click the speaker icon in the lower right corner and make sure the soundbar is selected as the audio-out option.



HDMI Connector

You’re not wrong if your initial idea was that you intended to send audio to your soundbar rather than video. But HDMI isn’t simply for video signals, as it turns out. It can also be used to send simply the audio channel to a destination.

This is especially useful in a circumstance like this, where you’ll probably still want to view stuff on the screen that your computer is connected to. Connect the soundbar to your computer through HDMI after it’s in position, and then go to your computer’s audio settings.

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It may take a few clicks to ensure that the audio is routed to the soundbar because your computer isn’t expecting you to split things this way. Don’t be surprised if there’s an audio option that doesn’t even include a speaker and is simply labelled “HDMI.”

4) Digital Optical Audio (“Optical” or “SPDIF” Cables)

Optical Connector

This is the most uncommon choice, however your computer may have an SPDIF or “optical out” port. This option is more likely to be found in high-end PCs that cost more than a few thousand dollars, or custom machines with pricey sound cards.

The details are the same as with the AUX out 3.5mm option: simply obtain an optical cable long enough to connect the soundbar to the PC and plug them both in. If you don’t hear anything right away, double-check your computer’s audio out option.

In addition, if you’re having problems with digital optical, make sure the sound card’s drivers are up to date.

Again, if you don’t have an optica, don’t be concerned.

Why Use a Soundbar with a Computer?

Maybe you’re questioning why you’d use a soundbar with a computer in any respect? It looks as if an terrible trouble, particularly if it’s a must to get an extra-long 3.5mm or optical cable that, finally, can be dangling throughout the room. Well, the reply is that computer systems simply have much more choices than any streaming service. Cable, streaming sticks like Fire TV and Roku, even smart-TVs with all of your favourite streaming apps built-in all have a basic limitation: they’re closed ecosystems that restrict your choices to what they assume you want.

The open sandbox of a computer, the place you may have a number of windows open, stream from all of the providers above but additionally simply play files your self, and even conduct a video name, it simply enables you to do what you need, once you need, on what’s probably the costliest display in your own home. But laptop and computer speakers simply aren’t designed to fill a room, particularly to help a house theater, so to get the complete impact of liberating your own home theater by working it from a computer, you want an audio answer, and the quickest, easiest one is more likely to join the computer to a soundbar, however, there’s nothing incorrect with using an Echo Dot either (our set-up tutorial).

Recommended Soundbars to Use with a Computer

If you’re working your private home theater of a computer that’s fastened in place someplace, you then you are in all probability prepared to pick the best soundbar and route the audio cables again to the computer, wherever it’s.

If you’re in a smaller room, be sure you take a look at our information on the  Best Soundbars for Apartments or Smaller Rooms. Here are a few good go-to choices.

How to Connect Soundbar to Your PC or Laptop

Check on Amazon

For that cause, we suggest the Yamaha YAS-108 (on Amazon) as a result of it’s a great, strong pick that can praise any house theater, no matter the place the video is coming from. It has a 3.5mm port, as well as Bluetooth, so it is best to be capable to make it work with nearly any computer.

For a pricier possibility, think about the Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in – BlackWe like this one for its total sound high quality, however, observe that the one enter it accepts is optical, which implies you’ll doubtless want a computer with optical out, or a converter.

How to Connect Soundbar to Your PC or Laptop

Check on Amazon

Factors to be considered earlier than Connect Soundbar to PC

If you’re going to make use of the soundbar together with your PC in a small room, a much less highly effective soundbar is sufficient. Where the sound comes from can be necessary. So, while you’re going to buy a soundbar, take into account these two factors: the dimensions of your room and the supply of the audio. A 2.zero or 2.1 speakers array is frequent with soundbars when the variety of the speaker does additionally matter with true surround sound.

Some 5.1 soundbars even rely on digital surround, as an alternative of true 5.1. You’ll naturally wish to have the best audio high quality, however, you’ll miss the true surround sound when you use RCA. The most soundbar features cowl a number of inputs. You’ll have to think about these factors earlier than you’re to get a soundbar to connect with your computer.

The Soundbars You May Choose for PC


Yahama YAS-203

For each music and film, Yahama’s sound high quality is spectacular and it’s Bluetooth and DTS decoding features full it. It’s reasonably priced and maintains a high-end sound of high quality. It’ll be tough so that you can get a soundbar that holds the mix of highs and lows inside its value tier. It has a built-in IR repeater and omitted HDMI port.

For the range of sound, the two.1 Yahama may be counted as one of many best soundbars on your PC; and its bass and treble are utterly balanced. In a nutshell, this soundbar reveals a full dynamic of sound whereas being very affordable in value. It’s louder, getting you to observe any movies or hearken to music gratifying. You’ll get dynamic sound, Bluetooth with aptx, DTS, and Dolby Digital decoding and analog and digital inputs from it.

Razer Leviathan

When it comes to soundbars for personal computers versus a home media center, Razor is considered superior due to its small size and lack of remote control. If you have an average sized room, Razor would be the perfect option as it produces adequate sound quality. However, with a price tag close to $200 dollars, this exceptional gadget may not fit everyone’s budgetary requirements.

This soundbar is specially designed for the gaming community, with a focus on peripherals such as “mice like the Naga”. Its sub offers impressive bass and its powerful audio delivery will leave you in awe.

The Razor is so compact it can fit under your computer monitor. Although marketed as a 5.1 soundbar, it actually has digital 5.1 surround sound and offers various connection options including optical and analog inputs with Bluetooth capability- HDMI input or IR sensor are not included which prevents using personal remotes or controlling audio through TV connectivity. Despite the limitations mentioned above for its supposed “5.1” label, this Leviathan soundbar includes Dolby Digital technology,Dolby Virtual Speakers, Dolby Pro Logic íí, bluetooth featuring apex support in addition to both digital and analogue inputs along with space-saving design features among other benefits. 

Methods of Connecting Soundbar to Computer

You’ll have to have an honest set of computer speakers whether or not you’re a musician, YouTube star, or a gamer. You can have a cool soundbar, however when you aren’t in a position to join it to the computer, then having this system or not having it’s all the identical! Soundbars work not solely with televisions or different devices but in addition to the computer. You can join them both wired or wirelessly simply as you would like as a lot of the newest variations of soundbars use Bluetooth. Many of the folks don’t know do it, although it’s a simple process that anybody can do. Anyway, we’re exhibiting step-by-step under.

  • You can merely join the soundbar to your PC with an ordinary 3.5 mm Jack. Connect the gadgets collectively through the use of a cable and plug the three.5 mm jack in your PC’s 3.5 mm port. Now, your soundbar is able to use it as an exterior speaker.
  • Or it’s possible you’ll join it with Toslink cable, which is an ordinary optical audio cable usually used to connect with digital electronics. You get the cable and join it to the soundbar. With different ports like USB, mouse, keyboard, and many others, earlier fashions of PC have a Toslink port on its sides or on the again. Plug the opposite finish of the cable within the Toslink port of your PC. Now, this soundbar has been your computer’s exterior speaker.
  • You can join your soundbar wirelessly. To try this, you might want to plug the power cable into the soundbar’s outlet and press the power button to turn on. Now you’ve to activate your PC’s Bluetooth by typing Bluetooth within the computer search bar; observe the prompts to show the Bluetooth on, having accessed the Bluetooth menu. Do a scan for any shut Bluetooth gadgets. After the soundbar is discovered by the PC, you click on “Connect”. You can use the soundbar as an exterior speaker of your computer as soon as the Bluetooth connection is established.
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Connecting a soundbar with a PC utilizing an auxiliary cable

Most soundbar speakers support auxiliary connection; thus, you can connect them to systems using aux cables. We have beforehand written an article on the best aux cables you can buy in the market. The steps under clarify the use aux cables to connect a soundbar with PCs.

First step:

Whichever approach your soundbar is supposed to be powered, both by electrical energy or batteries, and even USB, you need to get is powered on first. After it’s powered, you possibly can proceed with the subsequent steps under.

Second step:

Aux cables have two related ends; join one of many cables ends to your soundbar and the opposite finish to your PC’s aux enter the port, respectively. Where to plug in aux cables on a computer system? Plug into the port which has a small headphone icon printed on top; this port is usually on the entrance panel on desktop computer systems, whilst you’ll discover it on the aspect on laptops.

What extra?

Nothing else, after you’ve connected each end of the aux cables into the respective ports on PC and the soundbar itself, then, windows will robotically channel your sounds into taking part in by way of the connected soundbar.

Connect a soundbar to a PC by way of Bluetooth

Many soundbar speakers out there come with Bluetooth connectivity help. So, you possibly can join your soundbar wireless (no want for aux cables) to your PC. This methodology will assist to attenuate the variety of cables/wires that undergo in your work desk or a selected floor.

  1. First step: Connecting a soundbar utilizing Bluetooth additionally requires you power on the system first. So, you need to plug in your soundbar to a wall socket or extension whether it is corded-electric, or insert the batteries and power it on, whether it is battery-powered.
  2. Second step: After your soundbar is powered, you need to activate the Bluetooth pairing mode; allow this mode could range by fashions. However, sometimes, you need to press the Bluetooth button/key to activate Bluetooth connectivity in your soundbar.
  3. Third Step: Go to your PC, lookup for the Bluetooth connectivity menu, activate Bluetooth and seek the soundbar. You will see the identity of your soundbar amongst found Bluetooth gadgets, click on it, and pair the 2 gadgets (your PC and your soundbar) collectively. Sounds out of your PC will play by way of the soundbar robotically as soon as it’s powered on.

Using an optical audio cable to attach a soundbar to PC

Not all soundbar speakers include this help; nonetheless, when you examine across the physique of your speaker and it seems you saw an optical audio (Toslink) port, then, this methodology will give you the results you want. It is one other method to connect your PC to a soundbar for excellent sound playbacks.

First step:

Follow the identical guides we’ve supplied within the earlier strategies and power up your soundbar. This is the primary motion for this exercise.

Second step:

Connect the Toslink cable to the respective port on PC; the port is labeled “OPTICAL,” “TOSLINK” or “DIGITAL AUDIO OUT” on computer systems (most particularly on desktops). You will discover the port on the aspect on laptop PCs whereas it’s accessible on the again panel on desktop PCs. Note: Toslink is an optical audio cable for connecting digital electronic devices such as DVD players to house theater methods. You could miss this port in case your laptop is ultra-slim.

Frequently requested questions


Can a PC soundbar be connected to a TV?

It is feasible to attach a PC soundbar to TVs with USB ports and/or 3.5mm jack inputs help. Directly connect the USB and/or 3.5mm jack into the dedicated port on your TV and your sounds will playback on the soundbar robotically.

Can you join a Logitech soundbar speaker to an LG or Sony TV?

You can join your soundbar to any TV supplied the TV features a USB port or a 3.5mm jack enter port. When it involves connecting soundbar to TVs or computer systems, the producer’s identity shouldn’t be thought-about; as an alternative, you solely want the 2 gadgets to function related connectivity ports (USB or Aux enter).

From the place can I control the volume if I join my soundbar with my PC?

When you alter the volume on the PC, it’s going to scale back or enhance the sound output by the soundbar; however, soundbar speakers sometimes function a bodily volume control key, and a few even come together with a remote controller; you possibly can control the volumes from both of those talked about locations.

Can a soundbar deliver a room-filling sound?

It is feasible to get pure and exact room-filling sound in case your soundbar is top-quality. There are various kinds of soundbar speakers from completely different producers and their output differs.

What is the best soundbar to make use of with a PC?

We have listed the best soundbar you should utilize with PC (discover the listing under). They are specifically designed for PC customers; nonetheless, they are often connected to TVs.

Summary – How to Connect Soundbar to Your PC or Laptop:

It’s price upgrading to a soundbar when you rely on your computer speakers. These gadgets are appropriate for anyone to make sure enhanced audio expertise with no litter. Just keep in mind there’s a soundbar on your finances whereas starting from high-end choices to entry-level finances.

Before shopping for a bar, think about the factors we talked about earlier. It’ll make it easier to make the proper choice. We hope after getting one, you don’t have to fret or search assist to attach it to your computer. Just observe our strategies to attach the soundbar to your computer and benefit from the music.

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