How To Make Amp Turn Off When Car is OFF

How To Make Amp Turn Off When Car is OFF

How To Make Amp Turn Off When Car is OFF  – Full Guide

When the key is removed from the ignition of a vehicle, the amplifier should turn off automatically. If it continues to draw power even after the engine and stereo have been turned off, your battery will be completely drained by the time you wake up the next day. You have probably done what you should have done, which is to connect the wire from the remote to a power supply that is constantly on.

How To Make Amp Turn Off When Car is OFF

If you accidentally connect the remote wire of your car audio system to the wrong type of wire, you run the risk of encountering issues with your car amplifier. The remote wire is responsible for remotely controlling the amplifier, instructing it when to turn on and off. To resolve this issue and ensure proper functionality, follow these steps:

  • Remove the car stereo from the din slot located in the dashboard to access the wiring harness at the back.
  • Identify the remote wire on the reverse side of the wiring harness and determine which wire it is connected to. Use a multimeter to check if there is still voltage present when you turn the key in the ignition.
  • If you find that the voltage remains even when the vehicle is turned off, you have located the source of the problem.
  • Now, you need to identify the correct wire. Most wiring harness plugs have wires that are either blue or blue and white striped, and the corresponding wire for the remote is typically also blue or blue and white.
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It is crucial that the car amplifier turns off when you remove the key from the ignition. If it continues to run even after turning off the engine and stereo, it can drain your car battery overnight. This situation is likely due to the remote cable being connected to a power source that is always on. To prevent this, ensure that you connect the remote wire to the correct wire on your car audio system, allowing the amplifier to function as intended, turning on and off accordingly. Double-checking the connection and verifying it is crucial for proper operation.


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