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How To Reset a Car Amp Out Of Protection Mode

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How To Reset a Car Amp Out Of Protection Mode

How To Reset a Car Amp Out Of Protection Mode


If you do not reset your car amp after the problem has been located and repaired, it has the potential to become stuck in the protect mode. Unless the car amplifier is reset, the protection light will not turn off. Every amplifier has something called a protective mode circuit built into it. If the amp detects something that could be a short, it will immediately stop playing music in order to prevent any harm to the transistors.

The best approach to force an automobile amplifier out of protect mode and into normal operation is to turn off the 12 volt power supply that supplies it. This will cause the device to erase all of the data stored in its internal memory and convince itself that it is a brand new installation and that it has never been connected before.

1) Check to see if the car amp is turned on.

2) Go to the trunk and unscrew the power wire terminals and the remote control terminals there.

3) Disconnect both cables and switch off the ignition of the vehicle.

4) Disconnect the cables and wait approximately thirty seconds for the car amplifier to exit the protect mode before reconnecting them. back.

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