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How To Wire Remote Wire For Amp To Fuse Box

Amp To Fuse Box

How To Wire Remote Wire For Amp To Fuse Box

If the remote wire on your headunit isn’t working for whatever reason, or if you’re using a factory stereo, you can connect the remote wire to the fuse box. The radio is now the finest fuse site to tap into. Because it regulates the power when you turn the key in the ignition, if you remove the key, the car amplifier will switch off as well. You might believe you can get away without using a remote wire, but you can’t since the amp won’t know when to switch on and off without it.

The optimum wire size to use now is 18 gauge, as it will be more than sufficient. However, if you check closely between your current RCA connection, you should see a little remote wire sandwhiched in between that is already there; you may need to extend this to the fuse site. Wrapping the wire around the fuse is now the best approach we employ when executing this modification on a customer’s car. It’s not a good idea to permanently hardwire it because you may wish to remove the system and the wiring at some point in the future while selling the automobile.

1) Turn off the car’s ignition to turn off all power to the vehicle’s electrics and prevent anything from going wrong while working on it.

2) Take the radio fuse out of the fuse box. You may need to search in the user handbook or on the printed on schematic to find this.

3) Wrap the remote wire around one of the fuse’s metal pins at the top.

4) Replace the fuse in the fuse holder.


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