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Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers Car Speakers Review

Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers Car Speakers Review


Polk is a well-known speaker model in the United States. The title is definitely deserving, with a diverse group of outstanding speakers. So, whenever a Polk speaker is mentioned, prepare yourself to watch something truly spectacular. Because it should be fantastic! The Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System has an RMS power of 60 watts and a peak output of 180 watts.

A 3/Four inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter and a 6-1/2 inch polymer/mica composite mineral packed cone woofer with rubber surround are included in this speaker. The tweeter was swivelable. It’s a speaker with coaxial connections. The knowledge of a dynamic stability driver was utilised. Klippel-optimized components are used. For sound supply, the Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System uses a crossover community. Kapton voice coil and Neodymium tweeter magnet are employed for high-quality sound. To deliver spontaneous sounds, Polk used laser imaging.

The mounting hardware for the speakers is made of stainless steel. Adapter rings are used to fit into two standard (European) sized openings: 6-1/2 inch and 6-3/4 inch. The entrance is equipped with ABS grilles. The Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System is marine licenced and looks beautiful. It also sounds great. A one-year warranty is included.



Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers Car Speakers Review


Polk Audio DB652 Specs mentioned Below:



Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System can deal with 60 watts of steady power, and peak power dealing with restrict is 180 watts most. The impedance is Four ohms. It works with 92 dB sensitivity.

Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers Car Speakers Review

Co-axial Speaker:

One of the best causes for selecting this speaker. Co-axial speakers are at all times the favorite choice of shoppers. They are straightforward to make use of in any car, whatever the model. Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System follows the normal co-axial fashion. The tweeter is positioned earlier than the woofer. However, the mounting doesn’t affect the woofer’s sound of high quality; its design can emit clear sound from the default placement. Moreover, this co-axial construction is helpful for small/shallow locations becoming.

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Two-way System:

You already know this. Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System features a tweeter and a woofer for frequency separation. No mid-range driver is included; tweeter volunteers for related frequencies.


A 3/4 inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter is used in the Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System. For high-quality efficiency, the best construction and usage of fine materials are required. Polk has always been cautious about this, and it’s reflected here as well. Liquid-cooled silk/polymer was used to construct the dome. These materials tend to protect the frequency’s distinct feel and tenderness, resulting in clear highs.

The audio is quite detailed. Inside are neodymium magnets for reliable imaging. Because a sound route is necessary for listening to comfort, this speaker includes a swivelling tweeter. To get the most out of the tweeter, aim it in a useful direction.

Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers Car Speakers Review


The major motivation for using a loudspeaker is to obtain some catchy bass beats. As a result, the state of the driving force that delivers low-end products is also an issue. This speaker uses a cone woofer as its woofer. The mineral-stuffed cone is made of a polymer/mica composite material.

The construction and mineral make the woofer cone light and compact at the same time, allowing for powerful bass production while reducing frequency distortion. For more effective low frequencies, a Kapton voice coil is integrated within. High wattage works quite well. The woofer is surrounded by butyl rubber to smooth out the sound while the coil takes care of the high efficiency.

Dynamic Balance Technology:

Polk audio marine speaker is engineered with Dynamic Balance expertise. This patented expertise of Polk works to deliver smooth and detailed sound with much less distortion. Dynamic Balance expertise accomplishes this work by decreasing resonance price. It uses laser imaging for the aim, laser imaging combines the supplies in a handy sample to permit minimal resonance.

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Crossover Network:

Frequency purity is essential for clear, detailed, and pure sound. This Polk Audio car speaker comes with a built-in crossover community for precise this motive. The crossover community blocks random frequencies from going to the wrong way and leads solely the correct frequencies to the correct driver.

Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers Car Speakers Review


Sturdiness is a should for longevity. Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System is constructed with compact supplies. It consists of a sturdy ABS grille on the entrance.

Mounting Hardware:

It features adapter rings for traditional mounting. The ring construction is the best match for European designs, best for 6-1\/2 inch and 6-3/Four inch openings.

Marine Certified Speaker:

How superior it will likely be in case your speaker is water-resistant? This speaker is marine licensed, so a splash of water doesn’t hurt the system. You can use it in boats and ATVs, together with automobiles.


The speaker comes with 1 12 months assure. I don’t assume it’s a must to avail it as Polk’s merchandise has the repute of being long-lasting and serve well for years.

  • Water-resistant apparel.
  • Delivers high-quality bass and treble.
  • The crossover community maintains the frequency’s originality.
  • Distortion and resonance is eradicated.
  • Mid-range sound high quality is low.
  • The mounting bracket shouldn’t be appropriate for several American designs.
  • Some clients discovered the setup complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do they arrive in pairs?

Yes, these speakers are available a pair.

2. What is the precise shade of the cone?

It’s silvery gold.

3. Do we have to use an amp with the speaker?

It’s not obligatory, however, you should utilize one for those who like.

4. Is it 2 manner or Three manner speakers?

It’s 2 Way

Wrapping It Up – Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers Car Speakers Review

So, tell me, what do you think? This speaker has high-quality drivers for premium high and low-frequency supply, a crossover community, a durable construction, and is easily mountable – in fact, it has everything that a fantastic speaker should have. It’s also water-resistant, so it won’t stop working with a drop of water like other car speakers. Polk has once again proven its brilliance with the DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Component System, in my opinion.
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