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Reset Samsung Soundbar

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Reset Samsung Soundbar

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar – [Quick Guide 2022]

Whether you’re using headphones, speakers, or soundbars, all of these audio devices will eventually develop minor issues that can be simply resolved by resetting them. I’ve written multiple instructions on how to reset speakers, but this one will focus on how to easily reset Samsung soundbars. Instead of buying a new soundbar, try resetting it; if the problem is minor, it will be resolved quickly.

In this article, I’ll explain how resetting the soundbar helps, why you should reset, what to do before resetting, how to reset, and what to do if the problem persists after resetting the soundbar. So let’s get started.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Quickly

In general, there are three simple steps to resetting your Samsung soundbar.

  • If your Samsung soundbar is turned on, you must first turn it off before resetting it. You can turn it off with the remote, or you can use the buttons on the soundbar if it doesn’t come with one.
  • Hold the play/pause or power button until your soundbar displays ‘INIT OK’ after turning it off.
  • Then try pairing your soundbar with your TV by turning it on again.
  • If you have an older soundbar that doesn’t have a display, press the power button until the ‘LED’ starts flashing the red light and then stops.


Things to do before resetting

You can perform a few things before attempting a straight reset to ensure that your soundbar is ready and that the reset will be successful.

  • Perform a thorough diagnostic test on the soundbar to determine if anything is amiss. Open the soundbar and make sure everything is connected and working properly.
  • If the soundbar isn’t causing you any problems, take your time unplugging it and letting it cool down.
  • If you have a soundbar with a remote, make sure it’s operating properly as well (if not, then disconnect it from TV and check).


General Resetting of All Soundbars

If you have a generic soundbar, there are a few typical methods for resetting it. I’ll go over a few of them below, and perhaps one of them will work with your soundbar. A soundbar can be reset in one of two ways. The first comes from the sound bar itself, while the second comes from your television.

The second technique is preferable for soundbars that don’t have a remote because you can simply send a command from your TV’s menu to reset it. The first one with the remote is as follows:

  • It should restart into a blue screen if you hold the ” Volume Down ” and ” Power On/Off ” buttons together for around 10 seconds.
  • When you arrive to this page, go to your soundbar’s settings and reset it.

If you don’t have a remote, try the following:

  • You’ll have to do it all by yourself. To do so, first switch on your television and wait till the blue screen appears.
  • For around 10 seconds, hold down the Power Button and the Volume Up button.
  • Your television should turn on, then return to its normal display after a few moments.

Please keep in mind that this method only works with soundbars that can be operated via the television’s remote. If your soundbar can’t be managed remotely, you’ll need to repeat the steps above: unplug it, let it cool down, then reconnect all of your cords before attempting this approach again. If the soundbar is still unresponsive after you’ve done all of this, it’s possible that it’s broken.


General Method with Soft Reset

If your soundbar is turned on and the problem persists after a reboot, try this. This is referred to as a “soft reset.” It doesn’t entirely erase the settings, but it does make it easier for you to begin again. It’s done by simultaneously pressing the power and HDMI buttons for around 30 seconds. If you don’t follow my directions exactly, you’ll end up with an error and won’t be able to fix it.

  • Unplug the power cord from the rear of the soundbar and turn it off.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the soundbar.
  • Connect an HDMI cord to your soundbar and turn on your TV or computer. If the HDMI cable is not properly plugged in, you may receive an error while turning everything on later.
  • Now, use one of these methods to turn on your TV or computer.
  • You should now be viewing a blue menu screen with white writing ( just like android ). You must choose from the available options before pressing “reset.”
  • You should see a “Reset Soundbar” option appear after a few seconds. Wait a few minutes after pressing the button. You’ll be prompted if you wish to reboot your soundbar after the reset is complete. Select ” Yes ” and relax while listening to your favourite music!


Reasons for Resetting

  • You’re trying to replace an old remote with a newer one because the old one is broken or contains custom buttons that need to be altered.
  • Every time you use it, the sound quality degrades, and there’s no way to restore it without resetting it.
  • You need to reset it after making certain changes to its factory settings.
  • Some severe hardware issues have arisen, and you will need to reset it because the soundbar behaves strangely when turned on.
  • You haven’t used it in a long time and don’t want to damage your soundbar.

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